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Videoübertragungen Kamera/PC/Beamer

Video transfers Camera / PC / Beamer

Frage von Cubey1985:
Mai 2009

Hi Folks,

The time now is perhaps a slightly bungling question, but I do not know exactly what I need to search to find the things I need.

So I now make an appointment at a general meeting to transfer, so I have to play the podium filming that in the PC, and then recognize the projector so that all the other spectators, the synonymous what is shown.

So, as I of the Cam to the PC, I'm white, over Firewire.

Only now I do not know what I need to make the video next issue, for digital projectors.

Here at home I have to try s.laufen Final Cut Express on my iMac (; Modell2009). And the Cam that is used is a DVX100BE.

I hope you understand what I want and I Could Help, sowas've never done before and I've already nen Wolf searched without matching results

Thanks schonmal now

Gruss Kai Schmitz

Antwort von thos-berlin:

Important question: Shall (transferred to the projector synonymous other content, PC-pictures) or just the camera's signal?

Eiegntlich everyone has their input an analog video projector synonymous. So: If only the camera signal, why not tap the video signal and analog camera s.der by "green" BNC video cable to the projector?

Antwort von david2:

... exactly, because I would follow me to my pre-posters. With Firewire you certainly get an offset of min. 4 frames. Live does the humble.
It does not have BNC (; RCA does it synonymous).

Antwort von Cubey1985:

s.sry I'm sorry I had forgotten to ascribe to it must be shown in between a film while the contribution!

otherwise, the simplest solution would be the direct connection s.beamer!

gruss kai

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Cubey1985" wrote:
.. it must be shown in between a film during the contribution ... otherwise it would be the easiest solution so the direct connection s.beamer ...

The direct connection would still be the simplest solution, if the camera during this screening is not needed elsewhere and you get this movie to a DV tape will get: Then you could spend it that is also directly from the camera to the projector and you can save time on the computer.

Antwort von Cubey1985:

So a digital camera is on a tripod and must not be used next, so the simplest solution is to connect a digital camera s.beamer, and connect the computer s.beamer. Was simply synonymous only my first thought, but I thought that it is synonymous different. tomorrow is a trial and we will try it once.

schonmal thank you, and if someone still knows what, then bring it on with the infos

But schonmal thanks for the tips so far!

gruss kai

Antwort von WideScreen:

if necessary, the film on DVD or something burning and then turn around of the camera to the DVD player.

Antwort von pilskopf:

So I would live, the material capture via firewire into Mpeg. You include your projector via VGA s.den PC or as synonymous forever. The projector as a second monitor you can show you. Then open with the VLC Player still gecapturte Mpeg file that is synonymous throughout the file is saved yet. That's it.

Please try before. : D But it would make ichs. The method gives a time offset, however, is not practical if the Filmed will be played in the same room, that's clear, then I'd send it directly synonymous s.den projector, logo. Which will probably be synonymous have an HDMI input, better gehts dann doch nicht.

Antwort von Cubey1985:

Hey ...

I had forgotten a few things ...

So the picture must be transferred to 2-projector, because the Assembly runs spread over several rooms, so we are a switchbox (or like device called Dahab), unfortunately we have no time to test them, as the first Thursday arrives, and because we have tested there already, but I am still of the opinion that one with such a box of the action with S-Video goes in, and the picture so that we may transfer to the projector, and when the short film must be played that they will just run over it Switcht to VGA where probably the laptop, and that they would simply from the Media Player the movie and then going back Switcht and the camera image comes back for the subsequent speeches.

I know that sounds extremely feeble-minded as s.and, but this is the first time that I get such a job and working with such a box, and I am very uncertain, but if it all works then I will order them more often in can run a year.

So if I'm right with my idea then it tells me, because I'm not so insecure inside, but it needs to work out!


Antwort von tommyb:

Yes, it could go there.

Depending on how TOP is to equip the switch process of going, but I would rather consider the following:

1x video switcher (; with min. Two RCA inputs and an RCA output)
1x Video splitter (; with RCA)

For all the fun with several cable drums should accidentally BNC-BNC cable + <-> RCA adapter, and even the presentation is nothing to prevent. Especially the whole can be relatively quick to point and switch back and there is no offset of the Firewire capture process is created (and this amounts to well and happy synonymous dependent) to 1 sec from the program.

The inputs from the video switcher should have a DVD player and the camera. This is especially inexpensive to realize and should be stable enough in the operation.

S-video cable is not necessarily the way I would take. The difference is most likely not see the audience anyway, and an S-video cable reel will be much more difficult to be found.

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