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Frage von John:

I have the following problem:
I have some pictures with the Movie Maker and everything together with transitions, text, etc. provide. Creating synonymous has worked reasonably well, but unfortunately, the final product (wmv file) without color playback. The pictures and the text is gray, although I have tried several methods have memory.



Antwort von John:

Kann mir jmd perhaps help with this problem?


Antwort von vager:

hmm you could be on different paths to try ...

1. For example, the film as mpeg or avi render.
2. Perhaps there is somewhere in the wmv export settings menu where you can adjust the color. The dan at 16.5 million colors.
3. I was never fan of the Movie Maker. There are thousands more free programs. Desswegen I would just program with another try. Search times on Google ...

PS I know I am not with Movie Maker so I can desswegen you do not synonymous correct solution. Try something s.besten rum ... ^ ^


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