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Frage von faroney:

hello, finally I've sometimes struggled through me to sign here:)
I have a question, maybe it sounds stupid now for the "professionals" here but I wanted to cut my private videos with an older version of Pinnacle and me for christmas now finally enjoy a new video cutting software. I've thought about buying the new pinnacle but that is seen now as I have for over a year synonymous old: - / as long as you have to wait until there is something new? the white one? I've already looked at alternative and have discovered that a so-called cross magix recently grade action has where you can save 40 ¬ if you have an old video software

worth the change? I find it takes about 60 ¬ is ok right?


Antwort von nicecam:

Welcome :-)

Pinnacle I had never, ever just Magix.

I think you'll do anything seriously wrong, if you ever change. Incorporating it is always necessary. The program interface and Handling will first be substantially different.

Was not there a degree in the recent issue of c't, a test of various NLE's? The test always at the end of this software.

But look also synonymous again there:
Denn die Pakete werden schon mal unterschiedlich bestückt.


Übrigens ist deine Frage nicht "doof".

Aber hör mal, du hast in quotation marks pros!
Here are no so-called professionals, but the very real present.
This means - one or the other is already there. If I belong well?


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