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Was gibt eine kamera den professionellen

What gives a camera a professional "film look"

Frage von ThomasANP:
November 2006

So what you have when buying a camera that you respect the "film look" can get. Things such as CCD and number
Cinegamma are some which have a role-play.
Also s.welchem priced so you can expect a good quality?

Antwort von Chezus:

For true film quality you need a real film quality and the cost is not an asset for nothing. Look at Wikipedia to look or 35mm movie film.

It costs a porcine Money 35mm material ready to edit to make.
Other terms would be interesting because progressive scan ...

But as I said, at such times movie look like you already have written in the thread and you will overwhelmed with results

Antwort von PowerMac:

I would be really sure of not going forward to burble, but on the old thread to this item. Times the search effort. There are pages on high level discussions on film look.

Antwort von ThomasANP:

Search through forums already, but I would like to know price s.welchem this is possible without it from 30 different pages to read them. Thanks again.

Antwort von PowerMac:

"ThomasANP" wrote:
(...) Without it from 30 different pages to read it. (...)

So this is not running. Because you need to by.

I can perhaps with a 200 euro Camera rotate images and make a movie that you never manage. Ballhaus synonymous. Rodriguez, too. It is not s.Money but s.der idea. With good technique s.sich helps you do the work. Therefore, any price limit arbitrary and without foundation. Here in the forum, some people are represented, the something from the so-called prosumer-Riege have. But not because these cameras will be great, but because it no longer has money for this and still be a reasonably good handling gets.

Antwort von ThomasANP:

ok .. take the question back.

Antwort von Chezus:

It is of course synonymous s.der technology. Even if I am oh so bad effort, I never the quality of a lord of the rings or the like.

It is already handling over synonymous s.aber eg shaky shots do not make bad films.

But as I said, look at Wikipedia, is very revealing

Antwort von ThomasANP:

That there is more than one occasion to pay 4000 ¬ and it already has its own rule of the ring 4 is rotated me clear. Still wanted to see what kind of device you need to make a beautiful film to get clear.

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

The device is called reading, the one with all the books around the camera screen reads. It has a lot to do with light, why are good pictures. Only, unfortunately, is too complicated and multifaceted, to say precisely s.einem case example to demonstrate.

Antwort von Chezus:

1 Minute 35mm Film zum bearbeiten umwandeln kostet glaub ich synonymous ein paar tausend Euro, aber da kenn ich mich zu wenig aus.

Was einen guten Film ausmacht ist die Art and Weise wie filmed wird, in welcher Qualität and wie man es dann schneidet. Wichtig vor allem: eine gute Color correction

Da spielen so viele Faktoren eine Rolle. Einfach eine gute Camera kaufen reicht da nicht. Auch nicht wenn du dir für 1000 Euro eine 35mm ARRI Camera ausleihst. Wie gesagt, informier dich mal über Wikipedia and auf

Antwort von ThomasANP:

=) Ok one minute film editing in a professional film will cost several thousand euros, I already expected. 1000 euro per day for such a top-of-the-line camera, too. I was rather meant for private use be maintained. Thanks for the answer but I would say we close this thread.

Antwort von Chezus:

Hollywood is expensive. As a "film" for domestic use or for the Internet to do it .... because there are no guidelines. But as I said. Color correction makes her as much.

No major effects but simple corrections

Antwort von Sven Nykvist:

powermac, rodriguez ball home and in the same breath, let us karlsruhe pilgrimage, her younger

Antwort von Hogar:

If you are black and white film NEN want to do, in fact, extends the cheapest miniDV. Then n bischen Film Grain purely blurred isses ... probably with only one CCD - and tada: Film Look;) in black and white;)

With its 3 CCD chip camera you get - technically - the better picture quality. I think this is a statement that one can take roughly.

If you Resolutionmachst PAL, you might get with a 1 chip HDV Camera synonymous a similar quality as with a PAL Camera 3 chip ... maybe;)


Antwort von steveb:

Content! The point is the content! the plot ... the story. A film is especially a good film, if the story is good. Very easy. Why are all the same ever Formula One drive?

Antwort von satori:

I have discovered the following site you could possibly be interested.

http://www.movie-college.com/ because you find an article on film look, infos, etc.


Antwort von Chezus:

Not bad intentioned, but I s.hab this page is already linked and b: is the theme already 1 month old.

Why you may link only now, or what to write about this only now?

Antwort von satori:

Sorry I have not seen, I'm only a few days on this forum / site!

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