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Frage von MagicBenjamin:


I'm looking for time on the image for a mixer for a live project.
It is a green screen and keyed to "live" with a video / DVD can be superimposed.

Now I'm looking for a small matching image mixer for 1 up to 2 cameras and a further input for DVD. The key to the vision mixer is of course then the chroma key process.
This is all still be played on a projector or monitor and / or recording.

A mixer which I've found so far is the Panasonic WJ-AWE55 but this would be for almost a bit too heavy volume.

For tips I am grateful.



Antwort von Anne Nerven:

Hi Benjamin,

Look for the "Edirol V8. I know who has a chroma key function. How well this works, however, I can not judge because we have never used it.



Antwort von joerg-emil:

Hi Benjamin,

The Edirol LVS-400 is the with the key if you want to connect two input sources and a DVD player, you need only 3 inputs, the LVS-400 has 4 channels. The Edirol V8 has 8 channels and I think your plan is too large. For sale is a transceiver 400, via the link on Ebay You can find synonymous original images. # 475 521


Antwort von joerg-emil:


Lt. can manual (Page 13) of the LV-400, only the colors black, white and blue to use as a key, it is therefore only blue screen, but not a green screen ....

times have the attached pdf ...

Greetings Jörg


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