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Frage von mfshva:

Hello community,

I bought the Pinnacle Studio Ultimate for 99 ¬ for my 720p videos from my Lumix (camera, mjpeg files or are cut so as Quicktime files) to be friendly with simple effects and titles, and now I have to say the program is making to the degree of familiarization I would like my buddy showed me this afternoon what he can do with a mask, ie a 3D block with nem video in there, now he says Pinnacle is worthless because only 2 lanes and no such masks were available to me I should definitely Buy Deluxe Magix or Sony Vegas :-(;

What is your opinion Pinnacle is good compared to the two mentioned, and these features really nothing? I opted for Pinnacle Studio because it has a certain similarity with iMovie HD which I have used before on my G4Emac however is with HD material and takes hours s.end

Thanks for your opinion


Antwort von nohab:

Do you need the extras sure? If you come clear with Pinnacle and have already bought it, then you can thus be synonymous happy. The versatility is clearly better and magix Sonyorentiert closer s.semiprofessionellen environment.
All Programs have their customers and their raison d'etre.


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