Infoseite // Why does not currently measures up to Nikon Canon in terms VideoDSLR

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This is news to report with pictures and link to the pages slashCAM Magazine


Antwort von DigiDau:

At the beginning you may have thought that Nikon wants to build any serious video feature in its DSLR cameras. Now seems to show that they can not currently synonymous better. Even if they wanted.

Canon has a major Manufacturer of video cameras probably just had a technological advantage, because you buy in of third party by simply does not make up so easily.


Antwort von buildyo:

So schauts unfortunately. Although I like MJPEG and hope Nikon will remain there. Each frame is a complete picture as with film. It only needs a higher data rate, say 12 MB / s as ProRes422 (LT) and I look at no more than h.264 recording format. I like that there are only 24 synonymous synonymous fps when it is perhaps because of technical incompetence. Nikon's color and image appearance synonymous liked it much better than what my 5D Mark II is profiled.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Nikon Rumors wrote - what Sect ago --

Quote: * Some rumored Nikon D4 specs I received - no idea how reliable this info is:

- 15.7MP (more sensitive and with less noise than D3s)
- Up to 16fps with "double exposure"
- ISO 200-12800 (plus extended range)
- 61-point AF
- 1080p video s.30fps
- CLS control (although no flash is mentioned)


B. DeKid


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