Infoseite // With EDIUS Neo2 Booster NTSC to PAL convert possible?

Frage von kubabremen:

I take movies with the camcorder in AVCHD format PAL, but synonymous with a Helmet Camera Contour HD 1080 in HD but NTSC.

I would like piecing both material with my editing program EDIUS Neo2 Booster in a movie and then watch via DVD synonymous s.europäischen TVs can.

Can be converted into NTSC material created with EDIUS Neo2 Booster directly in PAL?


Antwort von RickyMartini:

No problem! Use a simple template editing 1080i50 and your video with it. The output is then simply synonymous with 50Hz.
You can also mix synonymous footage of different time bases on a timeline.


Antwort von kubabremen:

Thank you for the information. Very nice of you the quick answer!

Digital also cut from Munich answered identical:

... Thank you for your inquiry. The answer is simple: do not you.
EDIUS accepts all frame rates in the timeline. If the project setting and has a different frame rate than the Quellclip in the timeline, automatically converts the frame rate EDIUS in the background during playback.

Yours sincerely,

Michael Schleider
magic multi media GmbH
Bavariafilmplatz 3
D-82031 Grünwald
Tel: 089 20 35 87-30
Fax: 089 20 35 87-37


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