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Frage von cchristophh:

Hi everybody!

So I would sometimes interesieren s.besten how to actually working with afx and pp.
I have a bunch of clips that I will cut together (on a winter seasonal video) and with effects of music and would like to refine!
Now I have to have such a bunch of clips cut into premiere and with trans-ision and provided sound. but would like to add more later effects. I will link with the dynamic sequence in pp s.bearbeiten and then render and paste it again in pp and render until being completely or the whole project with dynamics pp s.verfeinern link in there and then finalize the individual clips, or first in s. with effects provided and paste it with dynamic link in pp and then finalize?
or render it and paste and render. But too often render insert and is still synonymous and render a quality loss .. or?

'm kinda übervordert. Tag me now already quite good with only the programs that prepare me point defects.

So especially with the sound. the time taken to match the trans-ision in pp and then but I will still create s.zum sound effects, but then again back to pp. hm

I do not know until recently I've containing parallel with the programs worked and tried to learn it. just already have some nice sequences with several clips together and now stand before this problem. of course I can back and forth a thousand times when the render is away? certainly synonymous right?

I ask looking stupid or question. but I have thought I post the time here maybe you can tell me your steps?


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