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XDCAM EX 35Mbps, oder ProRes 422 für 5D MII

XDCAM EX 35Mbps or ProRes 422 for 5D MII

Frage von riobravo:
Oktober 2009

Hello, I hope there is this issue not already here, habs, I certainly can not find if it please post link, thanks!
Problem for my 5D MII I have tried different codecs, native of the H264 is not known, so well suited to editing. On nearby always seemed to me from the ProRes codec family Behmen because of Apple that developed just for such purposes wurde.Zuerst with ProRes (HQ), while the volume of data explodes, however, then with ProRes or ProRes (LT) and the result was okay in terms of size and workflow. Now I've heard that the Sony XDCam EX 35Mbps format is also suitable for the raw material of the Mark II to encode. Here, we would have another advantage, namely that this is maintained with 4:2:0 chroma sampling and is not, as with extrapolated to ProRes 4:2:2. So no upfront unnecessary large files with no real quality increase. The data rate is somewhat smaller than that of H264, and I wonder now whether this is appropriate codec. This is so, unlike ProRes to Inter frames and still is the workflow, at least for me (Macbook Pro Dual 2.4 Ghz, 4 GB Ram) is very good at cutting, and when rendering. Perhaps the reason is that Apple has done a good job here with Sonyzusammen FinalCut 7 here and the codec can handle well. Well how do you think? [/ b]

Antwort von Valentino:

Clearly the ProRes codec, which is exactly this meant to say is designed for post production.
The 35Mbps XDCAM codec is a compromise between a good picture and low memory requirements.
At the ProRes codec, I would not necessarily set equal to the proxy that this really only for HD offline editing and is meant to be inflated even at the DigiBeta material such as Avid DNxHD 36 compression codec very clearly seen.
You have probably the ProRes codec LT is the best choice, then writes it synonymous Apple in its White Paper:
Apple ProRes 422 (LT) also makes it s.excellent choice for transcoding complex
codecs like AVCHD camera. "

This one should not forget that the XDCAM codec MPEG2 codec with GOP structure and the ProRes codec saves a WaveLab based of each Picture and not like a codec in which the GOP will be charged between pictures again and again. Thus, the XCDAM codec is clearly computational intensive.

Antwort von carstenkurz:

Simple rule of thumb:

Interframe ( 'GOP') codecs only if the source or destination can specify this codec and manage the computer system so that the Project synonymous with tolerable operating speed. In fact, I would do with such sowas codecs only a simple layout or document editing, because the material here is only slightly touched.

Otherwise always intraframe codec for editing.

Interframe codecs for bandwidth-slow recording media or transmission through narrow channels. Correspondingly high is the cost for encoding and decoding, and correspondingly lower the ambition to do something different with it as the transport of A to B.

Which codec reveals what makes an emergency Wikipedia or other websites.

- Carsten

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