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Frage von skvray:


've just received my first project with my new XDCAM EX1 in Premiere finished. Have all Premiere gecuttet & then with Adobe Dynamics Link Color Corretions & title designs, etc. done in After Effects. synonymous everything has worked wonderfully.

Now to my problem, how do I get my first project with the original data without compression from premiere, except for quicktime h264 smokes with my MacPro at each setting.

Hat maybe someone experiences or how you make this?

Would like the compression later in Quicktime Pro, since I
reductions in so synonymous nor can sharpen ..


Antwort von domain:

In liquid, there is the export format 1080i HD, which was Mpeg2 format obviously synonymous compressed. 1920 square pixels, with 40 Mbs VBR Peak and 15th GOP
In this case, synonymous "smart" and rausgerendert under Core2 with 0.4 times the original cost, quality, waste invisible.
This also is probably synonymous in AP type.


Antwort von frm:

I'm not a mac user and make it all very reliable with the Main Concept "MpegPro HD3.1.0 plug in for Premiere CS3. As can the originals MP4 Strucktur unkompremiert ausegeben. However, I am unfortunately not for Mac obs as synonymous what



Antwort von jazzy_d:

The EX1 takes on with mpeg2. Test times with BDR conforming mpeg2.

Without plugins, no AP is in "smart".


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