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Frage von prosidecar:

Hello I was recommended to a friend of the software canpous Edius 5 to Videoberarbeitung. So far I've been working with Pinnacle 9.3, which was unfortunately not as dolle. What are the differences between Pinnacle and Canpous Edius besides the huge price difference?
Which version (neo, is pro ,....) of Canpus Edius 5 For recommended?

Thanks for the help

W. Lorenz


Antwort von RickyMartini:

With Edius NEO2 you sure are going pretty well, because it is not synonymous priced too high. Since I have not worked previously with Pinnacle, I can not say.


Antwort von Frank B.:

Edius is available in several versions. EdiusNeo currently in version 2.0 is set in the same league as Studio 14th About the scope of functions in the Comparison of both Programs I can not say much. Sure, each program is somewhere, but its advantages are synonymous disadvantages. Edius 5 has a higher league than the other two. The main differences with Edius Neo, more import-and export formats and improved color correction with appropriate measuring instruments. You have to know what you want. With a switch to another program, you should go out of the long training times, which of course will be correspondingly longer, the higher value is a program. ME is worth a climb to Edius 5 even when seeking high-quality results. I know of only studio of friends, however, synonymous only in version 8 or 9 This is not an Comparison with Edius. Also important to know is that Edius has family synonymous hardware supports. Edius 5 supports the in-house cards HD HD Storm and Spark, Edius Neo s.Version 2, only the HD Spark, in contrast to the HD Storm has no HDMI input, but synonymous provides a real-time preview on an external HDMI monitor.
Edius Neo 1, there are sometimes very cheap in the bay. But this can not yet support the hardware. That should be known.
With a real-time preview of the DV editing will be a step "professional". This applies only to the technique. The end result should not automatically be more professional than it was before. If one is not creative and has no idea of recording and editing, will be synonymous with quality technology far from being a Hollywood Regiseur. The vane want one the Seller of the expensive hardware and software, but that does not work.
So, if you have synonymous to develop you with your next technology, I suggest you also move up to Edius 5th Especially when you have to work with AVCHD. The Canopus HQ codec is not as potent, especially for simple Calculator class.



Antwort von Videobodo:

Hello from the Upper Rhine
It is what Frank has already written. I have been working for several years with Edius. Hardly any other system to run stable. If one of Premiere6.5 as I then was, held his training time is limited. Of course, you should read the manual and understand. 2 years ago I bought my PRO version on the,, large, Calculator or NEO for Schlepptop. The important thing was to draw synonymous mobile recognized the good of Edius codec to be able to. Since then I edit the short film with NEO, the larger with 3.65 PRO (5.1 I do not need since I work with SD being next - to climb until wennbezahlbare 264 intraframe compression for Henkel men on the market) is so short, NEO totally sufficient for many users. It is recommended that absolute. Have, however zwischedurch sometimes synonymous editing software such as Ulead VideoStudio, or just tried Pinnacle, is a marked stop einsteiger program, suitable for occasional Schitter, but no longer synonymous.


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canpous Edius 5 in Comparison to Pinnacle version 14

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