Infoseite // import of AVCHD (; m2ts) of sony CX505VE in Final Cut Express 4 is not funzt

Frage von BoA*:


First, I wish you all a Merry Christmas set! : D

and now my problem ... ^ ^

now finally have an iMac and wanted some time to import videos of my external hard drive in Final Cut Express 4
Unfortunately that did not work ..
I've tried it again right of the camera, was unfortunately not synonymous ..
in the inet I found a possible solution
one should Final Cut Express 4 to 4.0.1 update
I have described as made of software updating.

I have to re-import of digital camera and tried to drive film material
but unfortunately was still not: (;

what to do now?

I have very little experience with the iMac, have so far cut only a few times s.einem imac videos
I do import the one probably something wrong?

Many thanks for your help!


Antwort von Axel:

Always bear in mind that you need all the folders, not just "clip", and that you read about USB (Camera) is not without problems simultaneously and write (copy clips) can. Therefore, all s.besten always on the Calculator (or at least an external FireWire drive) to copy itself. FCE works in analog, as in this

Antwort von BoA*:

thanks! : D

of the camera it works without problems.

of the hard drive but not gfunktioniert it.
this toast, I'm here with the irwie or gibs the only Final Cut Pro?

Greeting BoA


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