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Frage von blubber:

I have found the search can not answer.
If I EX1 or EX3 with a SonyXDCAM the EX v2.6 clipbrowser copy the videos I get no sound in After Effects. Importing can be all in AE, I have Picture synonymous, but the whole sound track is empty. In Clipbrowser I just use the button "copy clip all" and then copies of the SxS me of my hard drive. When I play videos I get sound, just no sound track in AE.

I have the feeling I was doing wrong when copying or something?
Do you know why this happens?


Antwort von blubber:

hm I can say what they will need to observe None maybe? Find synonymous no manuel or something, or a description, tutorial


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mp4 no sound in sony clipbrowser

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