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Frage von Henry_Lee:

Good people,

I want to buy a video card and need a little advice: I have over many years, a film with the Canon XL1 filmed and would finally put together a movie.

My challenge is, I used the 4 audio tracks of the XL1 - ie 2x stereo and would like to extract synonymous so again. This is not automatic, because in the regular case, the 2 stereo tracks are mixed, which is totally unthinkable.

Can someone please advise me what capture card to me makes sense, where you somehow this feature as an add-in can add - I've heard irgendsowas times.

Perhaps I should mention that I will premiere as program editing and use Windows XP have?

I do not need an HD capable editing card, since the XL1 was long before HD ...

Please help.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

ne normal firewire card because the material (sound) is before the DV file can because you will not single out Sondspuren filter)

B. DeKid


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