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Kaufberatung Videoschnitt Hard- und Software

purchase advice DV editing hardware and software

Frage von Bruno:
Dezember 2006

Hello Forum,
I'd like to know your estimated opinion.

I want my old S-VHS treasures finally digitizer. After the birth of my daughter great 13 years ago bought a camcorder, it was years before 1 .2 a Panasonic NV GS200 Camcorder (with analog-digital converter). Unfortunately, I get it anyway not to the number of my AV and S-VHS recorder digitized.
(Tips for this are very welcome)

With DV I cope well. FSC ACTIVY have a 370 Media Center and can be very easy and comfortable to play on, compress, cut with restriction (longer cut) and burn to DVD. With menu and frills.

Now I ask myself for my PC video card (external or internal is no preference) and the necessary software zuzulegen.

When I look at an analog card up, then I can later "disposed of", because even if all S-VHS tapes are transferred. Instead, I would very much like synonymous in the future, the DV editing.
=> Card with analog + digital inputs

Software: I have no problem buying anything, but if it is a good entry-level software such as Google's Picasa 2 for the photo area synonymous in this area, then it would be synonymous me right. (Did Nikon D70 DSLR)

Is there a good bundle (Pinnacle Studio Pros have found 10 (approx ¬ 150) with hardware and software or is there a good solution, such as Pinnacle Dazzle and then any other software.

Since I have two children who still are wound, is not much time left. Therefore a few euros more to spend, but with the things happy.

What can you recommend me or s.meiner body do?

Antwort von krsek1:

.. nor one.

It would be good if I cut scene and as synonymous Still image could continue.

Antwort von Bruno Jordano:

Sorry, had forgotten my login.

Antwort von krsek1:

Hello Bruno,
if your camcorder analog sources Digitizer can - where is the problem?
The camcorder delivers the digital signal via firewire cable s.den PC.
With the capture module of the editing software (for example, there are very cheap here:
http://www.pearl.de/pearl.jsp?redir=yes&screenX=1280&screenY=1024) it will be recorded as DV and can be cut and in any format, for example. be issued on DVD. Additional hardware and PC next to the burner is not required.

Antwort von krsek1:

with any editing software you can usually synonymous single images of a video store separately - the picture quality is wg. of low-resolution PAL format (720 * 576 pixels) but not exactly exhilarating.

Antwort von Bruno Jordano:

Thanks for the reply.

The camcorder I have extra chosen because it has the AD converter. The problem is that I, despite precise instructions in the manual dubbing had a black screen. Also an accomplished amateur photographer and friend has been with me from trying in vain.

Cutting the Center ACTIVY so one must imagine how advertising blocks cut. Conversion ussehr easy, but is no longer synonymous. A true post is not.

What is Capture?

Antwort von prem:

The camcorder I have extra chosen because it has the AD converter.

Unfortunately, I'm not your machine. When I SonyTRV20 be comparable for the AV-> DV conversion explicitly in the menu of the camcorder towards the signal av-> dv be set (default is vice versa). Does the Pana possibly as synonymous.
'Capturing' the video is called the speech 'capture', better: to transfer the video from the source device (here: camcorder) to the PC.

Antwort von Bruno Jordano:

Yes, it is synonymous with the NV GS200. How dubbing, is described in the manual. There are in the menu of the camcorder to a special Page. Nevertheless, the screen stays black. Did you once synonymous all cables replaced.

The question is whether I am not a capture card to buy, as you mentioned of. A friend recommended me as a software DVDLab. At Amazon, I have some bad reviews for the Pinnacle products found and am still unsure.
Let's see what my hardware vendor around the corner from me recommends. Maybe I can a card with him to test us. Then I know more.

Antwort von Mato:

Nevertheless, the screen stays black.

What do you mean with Screen? The display of the camcorder?
Before getting new hardware for the A / D conversion buy (which, incidentally http://www.videoforum.de/cgi-bin/yabb/YaBB.cgi?board=camcorder&action=display&num=1118930406&start=&SID very informative =)
I would first thoroughly examine why's with the camcorder does not work. Was because of other times with an Analog-tested player? Ensures that the VCR on a signal (I machs so that I am the VCR via scart normal s.den Television and connect on the second scart socket on the TV with an equivalent to 'out' switchable adapter for the analog signal tap the camcorder; mW, however, does not everybody tv)?

Antwort von Bruno Jordano:

Thanks for the tips. With screen, I mean the display of the camcorder. The scart cable to the S-VHS VCR, I then tried s.TV directly. Signal was there.
Perhaps the signal is synonymous only if I start recording on DV? That would be very cumbersome, but I will try it once.

The link I will pursue once.

I hope the Videoschnittbundel of synonymous, that I will cut my DV recordings can. Firewire connection I s.PC. Maybe I should just a capture card with analog inputs, which together audio and video signal transfer (wg. sync).

Antwort von Mato:

Perhaps the signal is synonymous only if I start recording on DV?
Had unusual. The C. - display should show something if the camcorder to playback standby ( "VCR") stands. Is the connection scart out s.Videorec. with the analog input of your camcorder (= S-Video, or jack) is correctly wired?

If your PC has firewire, is for the digital capture card no longer required special.


Antwort von Bruno Jordano:

I took aside a <IN> Scart S-VHS, Compisite purchased adapter. Here I suspect the error synonymous. Have the AV receiver Siganl s.meinem tested and it was ok
At best, I will again tonight, build and test everything. Quite calmly and systematically with testing of the signal.

As for the future would be the question of the appropriate editing software.

As I wrote, is to convert and burn the DV on my Media Center ACTIVY very easy and convenient. Would be nice if I have the files of DVD copy and then even more could edit.
On Video DVDs are 3 files available. I think a Picture, an index file and the data file. I look exactly as times.
This would simplify the processing, or do I have the original DV format have to cut?

Antwort von Bruno Jordano:

A perhaps not so bad alternative would be to get a DVD recorder to borrow, the analog inputs.

If there is no question as to how good and expensive, you can edit mpeg2 files afterwards?

Antwort von Mato:

normal workflow when editing:
1. capturing digital -> DV-AVI to disk
2. DV-AVI cut -> ready-made video as DV-AVI
3. turnkey video
b) the distribution format (for DVD = MPEG2) Convert
and burn.

Until just recently, was that MPEG2 files badly cut
let. It should, however software such as' womble 'type, with the well
goes (?).
Whether a DVD recorder as well converts
as a dedicated transducer (eg of Canopus) or camcorder and compressed to MPEG as a good PC Encoder (ProCoderExpress, Cinema Craft, Main Concept) seems questionable.

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