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Frage von hotte3:


I am a recent owner SonyHDR-SR1 (AVCHD filming in HD, and SD in MPEG2 on hard drive)

At an average of AVCHD material is still being thought of. (No support)

So I would be happy with HD resolution films and the material for later archiving.

But I would also synonymous to not do the cutting, which is only in SD resolution, well ...

The Sony software can be AVCHD files to MPEG2 files, but since I did not come to enjoy the rt.x Matrox card because it only supports native DV. Seh ich das richtig?
(Although I have not yet Matrox rt.x but they could get cheap, and the performance is quite impressive.)

The next step should therefore be the MPEG2 files into DV Avis convert. Does anyone know a program for this?

If the resulting DV Avis then of the Matrox card, or the card only works only with DV-AVIS gecaptuert which they themselves have?

I wonder if someone already has experience with this?

Another, perhaps easier way would be to set the Camera s.den S-Video input adapter Matrox card, and then of the Matrox software after premiere capter it.

Questions about questions!

Thanks for any tip / experience!


Antwort von hotte3:

okay, what do you think of this workflow:

1) quality recording in SD

2) the MPEG2 in Premiere timeline to place roughly cut

3) as a DV-AVI export, and the resulting AVI import re

The question of questions is: can the Matrox rt.x100 this xtreme DV Avi render in real time now or not?

I hope someone has experience with it!



Antwort von Jörg:

times from the belly out with a healthy pinch of cynicism:
I see 2 ways for your workflow, a short and a long.
1.The Short point: Throw the cam as far away as you can!
2.The Long Point: Work like you describe it, after a few days you'll get to in point 1 described indeed run.

Material: if you were so naive, a cam to buy for which there is no sensible way of finishing there, save your material and cut it if the program can. Everything else is balderdash, a waste of time and frustration increase.
Perhaps a glance


Antwort von hotte3:

hallo jörg,

you're probably (unfortunately) to the point.

Meanwhile I have a few test in SD resolution Homemade,
synonymous and because of the frustration makes wide the MPEG2 files are simply bad, how do I get these interlacing strokes away?

Have a new thread opened for intensity Blackmagic HDMI capture card, if it works what the promise, I am relieved at first.



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