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Frage von wrunge:

I switched recently with pinnacle DV500DVD of Premiere 6.5 to Premiere Pro 1.5 and Matrox RT.X10.
My problem: I can not spend a finished project to an analog video - the button "print on tape" is not selected? ! ?
from the timeline does the video export - but there is no sound
it can not be true that I finished my first film on DVD should burn and then copy it on VHS? ! ?
Unfortunately, there are still people who prefer the VHS video.

It would be class if I could help someone here.



Antwort von gaddagah:

Kenn me with the maps not exactly, but at first 'print on tape do not work "if you want to capture on video as a device to control is required () So for instance MiniDV camera via Firewire. The only possibility is therefore my opinion, play the timeline as normal and then with the record the VCR.
For the problem with the sound: you have specified synonymous with Premiere or your card that they should spend or sound is output (only) through the PC speakers?


Antwort von wrunge:

Thanks for the tip
I have tried and experimented a bit synonymous
if I have a dv-dv cam plug in and control to "put an" I can on a vhs-recorder to premiere "tied to spending"
illogical, but it works
but still without sound
Importing the premiere of vhs on the clay as
I read in the manual premiere, that if spending is set to 5.1 tons, is exported not a ton
The 5.1 ton, but you can adjust the stero niergendwo to normal export
Unfortunately, my vhs recorder has only one scart input, and no extra chinch input, only audio out
With Premiere 6.5 and DV500 has exortieren on vhs with audio faultless
Perhaps it is s.der sound card? ? Creative Audigy 2 ZS! !
I hope this hilfeschrei read someone else who has solved the same problem
have now fired only once my project on dvd and then copied to vhs
But this is not a permanent condition and would be glad if I would still receive aid.
thank you in advance


Antwort von Markus:

Hello Werner,

for output to analog video, select menu: File> Export Timeline to spend> on video. In this case, no device control is required. How it works at least for my Matrox RT.X100 and Premiere 6.5. The Pro version I have not yet installed.

When the 5.1-sound problems and you will make in any case only record stereo on VHS, first export the sound as a new wav file in 2.0 format (File> Export Timeline> Audio). Then the recent soundtracks mute switch and place the new WAV file on a free (possibly new) Soundtrack (... if this works so ever, I have not even tried it!).

And after all that effort, there is perhaps a way to play the timeline, and thereby allow the VHS recorder to record? How do you hear the sound when editing your recordings? - At the receptacle, where the sound is output, close the audio input on your VHS recorder. ;-)


Antwort von wrunge:

Many thanks for the help
the problem is solved! ! !
I installed the latest drivers for my sound card and output s.soundkarten double plug reingesteckt.
now a cable box to 5.1, the other goes to the matrox black-box.
functions as export from the timeline, and output as "a band"


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