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Frage von michigan66:

've already in the forum leisure and understand that Zeilenaufloesung and Takfrequenz (50 od 60Hz) indicative of the quality of building materials is.

now I use a HV20 from USA (NTSC so) and draw on HDV.
my TV is a plasma with 50 "and Full HD.

how do I do now correct project settings in Pinnacle, if I capture and edit material?

- I can 1080i with 50 or 50Hz setting?
- The HV20 is only 1440 - so I stay horizontal synonymous in this setting, right?
- United States because my camera records in NTSC, I need to edit something in the note (if I like. Create a DVD)? as PAL or NTSC output?

wants this weekend my building material cut from the holidays and thank you in advance ever for the tips.


Antwort von michigan66:

am now apparently under the wrong forum, because I do not use the premiere, but can not move the contributory.
premiere specialists, you can still help me?


Antwort von wolfgang:

An NTSC camcorder records in the case HDV2 with 1440x1080 at 60i. If you have the keys, the thing should work. The software offers surely as a template.


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what Projekteinsteillung for USA HV20 with Pinnacle 12 Ultimate

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