Infoseite // will not capture analog crossbar = no video, only sound

Frage von jfroe:

My analog capture is working (according to various test installations no more). In the Crossbar (eg, Magix video deluxe or other programs) can not assign inputs and outputs (pins) more.
There is "-1: mute" or have similar nonsense that are not synonymous link through Choice () affect the import and outputs.
Only in Windows Movie Maker does the analog capture yet.

Nvidia GforceTI 4200 8x AGP
2400 Ghz P4
512 MB

If you have a tip or tool?
Complete De-installation and is already running.



Antwort von Markus:

"jfroe" wrote: If you have a tip or tool?
Did you save an image that you restore the working state in three minutes? Well, not more, just like reading your posting. Then maybe for next time ...

More Info:
Why an image so important?


Antwort von jfroe:

Thanks for the note, but with a recovery time of under windows XP I have already tasted synonymous.


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