Infoseite // Poor quality after capturing of analog video. Bad cable?

Frage von toti:

Hi all,

today I captured my first video of analogue VCR, but I am not at all thrilled by the result, though in fact the quality of analog video is very good.
Hardware used is as follows:
- Toshiba VCR V741EW the installation of the analog video. DVD EMTEC EQ Fantastic Colors, which has been overwritten more than 5-6 times
- Dazzle DV Bridge
- Notebook SonyVAIO grt 815E
- Connect Firewire cable, the Dazzle Output with firewire port of the notebook
- VCR and Dazzle input do I connect with an RCA cable + S-VHS adapter plug of Watson -> the cheapest I've found in the Real.

Software: Windows Movie Maker

Hitherto I have only SonyD8 of my DCR-TRV camcorder captured videos and the quality was always very good.
Perhaps someone could try to watch the videos and tell me if it is s.dem cheap S-VHS adapter, or even what might be the cause.

DSF levski_udinese.rar 11MB

ZDF Movie.wmv 8 MB

Many thanks already times in advance,


Antwort von Stefan:

You expect a very "grainy" source material and the WMV encoder is a wolf to bring the lifelike finish material. So you get the drunken part surfaces into Picture.

You could between the source material, and WMV encoding still install a filter step to (wegzurechnen the noise in the grainy video image).

If you get an AVI on the calculator, you can make the filters with VirtualDub. The Temporal Smoother is quite good.

Good luck
The fat Stefan


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