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Frage von Dakka:


have a question for the codec of choice for archiving analog video recordings.

Currently, the configuration looks something like this, that various external video sources (video8, Laserdisc, VHS, SVHS, 1.5''A tape, UMATIC, etc.) on a matrix and a DLINK card to be digitized.

Since the inside of a long-term archiving to take place, favored the archive page codecs like Y2K in an MXF container. However, these discussions at the Cinema 2k level. Others argue again for H.264, others see the best way in the DV codec. Before I get to test tracks with codec choice start, had jmnd. so that experience?

Greetings Dakka


Antwort von olipool:

I would tend to archive what lossless compressed store, if you later want to edit. da gibts zb for the lagarith-AVI codec, which compresses lossless.


Antwort von robbie:

from these output formats is stored uncompressed really like the store right next to the window hinauszuwerfen ...
important is a good digitization, and dv-avi offer probably the best compromise between quality, space and cuttable.


Antwort von olipool:

I do not schrob "uncompressed" lossless but compressed. sure dv-avi synonymous a good solution.


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