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Camera-to-Cloud ready: New Shogun Connect and Atomos Connect extension for Ninja V/V+ introduced

Camera-to-Cloud ready: New Shogun Connect and Atomos Connect extension for Ninja V/V+ introduced

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Atomos has two special devices for Frame.ios Camera to Cloud (C2C ) real-time workflow from camera to cut is presented. The new Atomos Connect adds C2C functionality to the Atomos Ninja V/V+ recorder/monitor combos, while Shogun Connect is an independent all-in-one production device based on it of Shogun 7, in which the corresponding technologies are already integrated is.

The two new releases enable digital film and video production companies to record content, transcode it, upload it to the cloud and then edit these videos anywhere in the world in one go. They integrate seamlessly with the Frame.io Camera to Cloud, enabling the use of professional digital cinema, mirrorless and DSLR cameras in C2C remote workflows.

Proxy and hero videos for Camera to Cloud workflow

For camera recordings using Ninja V/V+ and Atomos Connect or Shogun Connect according to Frame.io, you can choose whether high-quality "Hero" and bandwidth-efficient proxy files with suitable file names and timecode should be recorded at the same time. The proxy clips are recorded in HEVC (H.265) and the "hero" clips are recorded in full resolution, either in Avid DNxHR/HD, ProRes or - on the Ninja V+ and Shogun Connect - in ProRes RAW.


Each proxy can be automatically uploaded to Frame.io using new Atomos Progressive File Transfer technology, which begins transferring the file as it is being captured. This avoids workflow delays caused by waiting for camera memory cards to be read, hard drives to be delivered, or for the camera to finish shooting before uploading - allowing the remote team to access footage while shooting.

Atomos Connect for Ninja V and Ninja V+

In connection with the Ninja V/ V+ monitor/recorder Atomos Connect transforms professional mirrorless and DSLR cameras into fully C2C integrated devices.
§PIC3§:Atomos Connect network extension for Ninja V/V+
The Atomos Connect features a 12G-SDI interface for connecting professional digital cinema cameras, Atomos AirGlu wireless timecode for seamless synchronization of all cameras, multiple power options for a variety of on-set scenarios, and Wi-Fi 6, network Gigabit Ethernet and Bluetooth LE features for flexible connections.

Atomos Connect will be available from June at Atomos dealers worldwide for €399.

Shogun Connect

Shogun Connect is a new addition to the Shogun range of monitor/recorder/switcher combos. It offers the monitoring tools and recording options of the previous Shogun 7 and extends its capabilities of HDR monitoring and RAW recording to network and cloud workflows. The improvements compared to the previous model include a significantly brighter 7" screen with 2,000 nits and a narrower bezel, which according to Atomos should ensure more comfortable operation.

Shogun Connect

The Shogun Connect features an extensive range of interfaces, including a loop-through 12G SDI IN and OUT to support SDI RAW, Atomos SYNC timecode technology for seamless camera synchronization, multiple power options for studio or location shooting, and Wi-Fi 6, networking -Gigabit Ethernet, Bluetooth LE and USB C for flexible all-round connections. The Shogun Connect will be available from Atomos dealers worldwide from the middle of the year at a price of 1,299 euros.

Shogun Connect

The Atomos C2C Workflow

Once an Atomos Connect or Shogun Connect is paired with a Frame.io project, a C2C project can be started. Any recording made with it is then immediately available online to view in Frame.io or to download and edit in an integrated video application such as Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro or DaVinci Resolve. The new C2C Atomos devices enable every production to establish a decentralized, distributed workflow and to work together from anywhere in the world via Frame.io. A Frame.io subscription is required to use the C2C functions.

Frame.io Camera to Cloud

The Frame.io Camera to Cloud initiative was launched in February 2021, to enable film production companies to transfer their footage immediately from the set to the post-production teams. Files are transferred to Frame.io over standard 4G LTE, 5G, or Wi-Fi networks.

Frame.io Camera to Cloud Workflow

The C2C project is the result of a collaboration between several technology providers, including Teradek, Sound Devices, Colorfront and several major camera manufacturers such as Panavision, ARRI and Sony - with more to come. For this purpose, Frame.io (which was (acquired) by Adobe in August 2021 www.slashcam.de/news/single/Adobe-uebernahme-die-Kollaborations-Platform-Frame-16722.html) has its API and also makes them available to other manufacturers interested in developing Frame.io C2C certified software and hardware.

Link more infos at bei www.atomos.com

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deutsche Version dieser Seite: Camera-to-Cloud ready: Neuer Shogun Connect und Atomos Connect Erweiterung für Ninja V/V+ vorgestellt

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