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:: 64-bit - the advantage for Video Editing? Of rudi - 26 Jan 2009 18:10:00
> Linux kanns long, as Apple and Windows brings lala since the release of Vista, a separate 64-bit version with. Especially in the video editing, the theoretical benefits of advanced processor architecture enormous. But why?
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Antwort von soahC:

I have Vista 64 bit and can not be any problems with drivers to have. Even my 5 years old Lexmark printer has worked flawlessly, updated 64bit Drivers (+ software for scanning ...) gabs on the producer side.
Panasonic NV-GS 500, Panasonic HVX200 and SonyZ1 was like eh and ever - and funtkioniert infected.
All Progrmme I normally use (CS4 anyway, VLC Player, Winamp, OpenOffice, Firefox, Thunderbird, Nero, AntVir, Ad-Aware ...) - no problem. Ran without any drivers or modifications-searching

With Vista itself synonymous gabs no problems. Until now no crash. Garnicht I can tell whether there is a "Blue Screen" in Vista still there. I'm very satisfied with the operating system. Did you install after about 1 hour to "rumgebastelt" (annoying security checks disabled) and now runs.
Especially in the current Rampreisen it was really no question about moving to 64bit.


Antwort von darg:

From a software integration synonymous, I had no problems. Einizig the drivers for my NVidia GraKa produced a somewhat klötzchenhaltiges Picture XP32BitVariante when compared to the reduced video preview. But a NVidiaproblem seems to be.

But believe me times, a blue screen, there's always :-) Have it challenged the OC and he is still so beautiful DOSartig.


Antwort von gtom:

It goes without saying that all 32bit Programs under the 64bit Vista running since then on an "emulator" in the 64bit address space to be implemented, however, are no performance leaps can be expected. Incidentally, it is Manufacturer absolutely no problem fitting Drivers to deliver, as these days (up to a few specific exceptions) with the MS DDK created and the same sources again in 64bit only have to be translated ... To what extent then, however, a performance Gewinnn is achieved depends on the compiler and the optimization of the existing source code from ...
Ultimately, performance depends s.wieviel the 32bit emulation of the total computing power swallows ...


Antwort von nino makav:

Here, an interesting report that is actually something of the 400% more performance with 64-bit confirmed specifically with Prempro CS4 tested:

Anders herum dann hier unten, in einem Mac-Forum sagt Adobe, dass für Mac-User eine Steigerung of nur 8-12% with 64-bit möglich wäre...

All in all, an exciting topic, in general it seems that the time for 64-bit finally came.
good wishes, ninetto


Antwort von s_later:

for 64bit Windows Vista does not require - there is a wonderfully functioning "Windows XP Professional 64bit Edition


Antwort von xkoy:

I have Vista 64 bit on it, and runs like Sau! 8Gb Ram inside and goes right Cinema 4D, Premiere, Photoshop .... VERY much faster than 32 bit ...

And incidentally, ZERO problems with drivers, that was maybe 2 years before that. X-Fi sound card, all without problems. Also all kinds of games will run without any problems ..


Antwort von Commanderjanke:

"s_later" wrote: for 64bit Windows Vista does not require - there is a wonderfully functioning "Windows XP Professional 64bit Edition

The unstable part, and of manufacturers neglected XP64 has led it on the 32bit OS is still there. Because such a purely XP64 was covered today, many fear Vista64!

Vista64 is a very good operating system, had it exactly a year ago and can not complain it was in the establishment or operation.

Performance is very good, but only if you run multiple applications simultaneously (such as Premiere and After Effects) has something of its 8GB of RAM.
The synonymous if the system supports 64bit, most programs still 32bit ie any application can be up to 4GB of RAM address.


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