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Frage von KunoKaffer:

Hello Together,

I'm new here and I can unfortunately synonymous after multiple search to find anything to my problem.
I use the camcorder SonyDCR HC-17, and edit the movies with Magix Video Deluxe 2005th
Recordings I have made 12 BIT Sound mode I can play without problems s.Camcorders and after Übetragung s.PC. The situation is different when I use the 16BIT Sound mode. On the camcorder the sound is ok. On the PC, the sound is played, however, slowed down, ie the recorded comments sound as if you just sleep and the nose would have to =)

Why might that be?

I thank all of which I can help!


Antwort von homer76:


I have exactly the opposite problem (Video Deluxe 2005/2006 and Panasonic NV-GS140) recording in 16 bit mode, sound normal, in 12-bit mode too quickly. I can correct the sound (though playing around with rausgefunden), in which I am the pitcher (? Agency) to -6,6, but then adjust sound-and video tracks to each other anymore.


Antwort von Homer76:

Hello again,

I solved the problem. I had moved within a DV tape of 16 bits to 12 bits. When you import video deluxe 2005/2005 with the 12 passages were taken too quickly. Therefore, only 16 Import-bit recordings, then all 12-bit recording.



Antwort von Markus:

A pragmatic solution may if synonymous little more time. I have my camcorder to the purchase made directly to 16 bit (and left there), I dub the recordings anyway s.Computer and not on the original tape. ;-)


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