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Frage von Emkamk:


had with HDV (; see other topic) something recorded. In VLC it can be wonderful view, except for a few jerkiness that comes of the cassette.
Once imported into Premiere is the sound asynchronously to the Picture and the completely irregular, so you need the soundtrack constantly s.bestimmten points to a different number s.Frames move.

Have you any idea what may lie?
Material, 1440 x 1080, HDV, with HDV Sony FXE was added 7, 16:9 PAL.
As I said in VLC everything is synchronously, only the import "disfigured" the Project.

Thank you very much


Antwort von prime:

Was the HDV material is read into a slip, or split it into many small clips?

With the former, I had the same experience with Premiere Pro 2.0 ('CS2').


Antwort von

yes, it's because that one for a lot of money very immature programs not only with premiere Sun actually a frechheit, we fly now at the mars but it is not possible, the people working to build programs.

you get split hdv, works for me (and synonymous fx7 cs4) wonderful.
you split the synonymous the scenes if you like.
funny, the program is free and works.


Antwort von Emkamk:

Was loaded with CapDVHS. Something reassuring to hear that there is no single phenomenon.

I try with with the part of the program referred to you and then to use in Premiere, thank you!


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