Infoseite // Poor quality of pictures eg jpg import in Premiere Pro 1.5

Frage von Runer:


have an annoying problem. If I jpg files in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 import, the quality, although in Orgiginalbild excellent, invariably poor (verpixelt etc). Regardless of whether the image file then durchrendert or on-point as in freeze-frame freezes.

Synonymous've tried the original file before importing into APP gif, tiff, targa bitmap and convert, but unfortunately the result was always the same. Who of you, what you could do?

Thank you very much,


Antwort von Markus:

"Mapitacirce" wrote: If I jpg files in Adobe Premiere Pro 1.5 import ...
What Did resolution because the image files? And what project settings you have chosen in APP?


Antwort von levis0208:


s.den import settings, it is apparently not, because they can be used for images of this nature do not change.
Apparently it is normal that at the premiere of this transformation into an avi file bad outputs. Premiere pictures there with 720 x 576 pixels, but the horizontal lines distorted by a factor of 1.067. So I converted the images and Photoshop to 768 x 576 (this only because they are square and not be distorted). Has helped, but not very much.

I have the DV codec in my computer by a better (MainConcept DV) than those of Microsoft replaced (and then rather than Microsoft as a Microsoft Avi Avi DV output), which has also improved the quality, but it is still not good enough .

I believe that if you have the Picture in After Effects and import as Avi movie again would spend (or as a Quicktime movie), it should work. The output format should the film Avi to DV PAL, 720 x 576 pixels with a pixel aspect ratio of 1.067 set (maybe there should even be standard). Then the film with the option "Bottom field first" or "Full / De-interlaced output. Could that work? I have no After Effects, so I want to first make sure that it is synonymous makes sense to me now to obtain.

Thanks again!


Antwort von AndyZZ:

Hmm ... I work synonymous with APP 1.5 and had no trouble importing. Possibly. must be adapted to the size, but the auto aspect ratio is correctly displayed. Save your JPG picture look as Photoshop file from (PSD), and perhaps helps das
Are the images synonymous according to the edition of the film nor bad? In the preview you can see some horrible, but after rendering everything tutti.


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