Infoseite // Adobe Premiere Pro CS4 for Mac, German - download link?

Frage von Debonnaire:

Does anyone have a link for a reliable downloads of the German trial of Adobe Premiere Pro CS 4 for PC? Thank you!

If it goes no downloads via torrents or any dubious login accounts or something. Just a perfectly ordinary, direct link would serve s.meisten me! ;-)


Antwort von RickyMartini:

When a new version is released for download, IMO, the old version of taken the servers. Adobe does not allow that their software is hosted on external servers. So you can probably find older versions of the program only on attributive DVDs of old IT magazines.


Antwort von Debonnaire:

Thanks ricky martini! Yes, that's all well aware. So I'm looking for someone yes, what the download package could possibly have to offer "private" on a server or something ...


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