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"Breakthrough" in function with Photo Film Cameras?

Frage von Stahl:
Oktober 2008

Have interesting article in the Mirror discovered:
"Cameras with Hollywood ambitions" of M. Landau.
The article can be found remarkable arguments.
Since I myself am a layperson interested me your opinion or experience this, or specified Fachchinesisch.Danke!
I could with the known limitations live (12 minute., Finishing etc) if the basic quality of the images really proposing anything.

Antwort von frm:


Antwort von masterseb:

problem remains: only auto-exposure is possible.
basically this is the preview function: "You see what the chip sees" and the digital chip elichtet after, if need be and just synonymous during the recording, so you have one of the largest amateur error: pumping intensity. whether the change is in the stars. The fact is that a photonic chip as large as a one chip camera has kinoformatigen and by ielen optics can be very broad scope. very sensitive to light and is sharp and has a high resolution.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"frm" wrote:
... link ...

www.spiegel.de/netzwelt/tech/0, 1518,579582,00. html

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von Jan:

Unfortunately the article is not entirely synonymous tells the truth, or better said, it was not properly researched. There are some inconsistencies. One might think the author of the advertising copy of the Manufacturer depreciated.

For many digicams can model optical zoom during the video - and this is so long. The Samsung & Kodak Company, a large part of the models even optical, Canon, Casio, Pentax, Nikon often digital.

Canon had last year with the S 5 IS A WITH synonymous optical zoom during the video in the assortment. Panasonic In many times, but in the models TC 4 & 5 may be synonymous optical zoom - during the video.

The zoom is locked only for Fuji, Olympus, Sony or Panasonic - but there is not synonymous with all models.

Here was synonymous only explains why a 35 mm film nothing with a 35 mm miniature has to do - is not the same size! Excerpt: (For other SLRs offer a sensor, which is about the size of the classic feature film negatives (35mm) equals or even surpasses)

And at the Canon 5 D Mark II - the question how to autofocus in video understands - AF = sole pressing buttons without removing the end automatic search synonymous changes in focal length or AF = repeated pressure by the AF button on? Soon I see the camera for the second time - and can do more with more time scrutinize ...

Yes, the trend is going in the direction.


Antwort von Stahl:

Thanks for good info.

Antwort von Martin Dienert:


make the 30 fps with those cameras do not record here, in our problems? Or is it (eg through the use of flat panel displays) is now solved?


Antwort von raymaker:

They make it still.
In addition, there are two things: bad codec and Rolling Shutter. Both disqualifziert the Camera for 'Hollywood ambitions. " With the shutter and never never

Antwort von WoWu:

@ raymaker

... totally with you, with my Canon film on the Internet has little irritated .... no trace of RS of the 5D MkII.
Canon has, unfortunately, the film again from the network used


but there are still excerpts in the "making of"


Also do not sweep into the helicopter scenes, no RS, nothing like this ....
So ... either the images are of a different camera or the 5D can conjure ....
I do not know which of them is right.

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"WoWu" wrote:
... either the images are of a different camera or the 5D can conjure ... I do not know what these true ...

No idea whether this question can be answered in order, but here are two more now since HD-clips of the 5D MkII to see:

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von WoWu:

Hello Bernd,
thanks for the link.
Time, quite apart from the fact that I have two films in Example None discipline really impress, either in the effective sharpness, even in the DoF-here they are of a conventional camcorder does not differ, nor in the Durchzeichnung, from the actual problem is really nothing to see, not the track of RS. I can not believe it. I know not what Canon has done since, but it differs (if it is incorporated with CMOS) of the blatant, what they are in the video industry for the best type.
Now, these two movies is not really much better than with any camcorder, but that RS synonymous in the above-mentioned (NY)-example does not take place, in the other disciplines is very convincing, but gives food for thought.
I always hope that Jan and Wolfgang times as a thing in hand, the required information to verify the times. Somehow I always missing the ultimate confidence in the reliability of such Internet publications. But if the quality is so, as in the New York trial, and without RS synonymous, then the path is already impressive.

Antwort von Axel:

In the first clip bothers me a little extreme motion blur. Is this a bit too long exposure time or the stems of the compression come from? Even with HDV - for example, the typical gain in noisy Monday WoWus link with the A1 - there are not as smeared movement details.

In the second clip, there is sec 4 contains a peculiar farbverfälschten Frame (synonymous in the first, sec 3). Why? With so short demos but one expects that the highlights will be put online, not the committee. Is that someone else noticed?

Lowlight is already optimal. For under 3000 ¬ unlikely to get elsewhere.

Antwort von WoWu:

This Green Frame is synonymous me noticed that the synonymous with the lady in the center of the image to a streaky art leads on the collar .... I can think of at the moment but no rhyme about a codec artefact it out.
These underground motion blur is synonymous struck me. In the examples, it is indeed the only thing that somehow anything is free.
So I agree with you completely agree .... The examples are not, quite the contrary, it makes each store a bit better camcorder.
For me, it was only of interest to see whether or not RS is ... because what you see?

Antwort von domain:

If we start at the frame level, then the whole thing seems quite far advanced, amazing.
As a "breakthrough" would put together everything I still do not see, but at least it is somewhat disturbing (or exciting, depending on position), whereby the turning of the spits out the most interesting and likely to be in with a significantly positive sign in with their previous camcorders Photo function.

Antwort von WoWu:

Well, there are still a few parameters, the video cameras of different, but what interested me, of course, burning is the procedure to RS listen .... after it in the video sector (known mass) is not successful, not even Canon .....
So you're right, the topic is exciting all the time, no preference of which direction you look at it.

Antwort von Axel:

No splitscreen-like Effects of flashing lights, but they are here so synonymous not so problematic. When the helicopter shots, I am not sure if the distortion of the nighttime skyline (the reddish-turn) is not due. Monday of 03:00 to 03:06: A Schwenk (infinite distance), which looks like Fisheye. Then the male model in the left practically undistorted pure. Perhaps I am mistaken, but the picture seems to float easily in the swing.

Antwort von WoWu:

But that would be everything, I think, Effects, with which one could live fine. Maybe the sensor is so because of its huge size and still 6y Pixel pitch the place had the two additional transistors that are needed for GS .... That would be awesome and of course, exactly what you always wanted, because another way to compensate for the RS at the moment, I really do not. Even quick reading fält in the amount of pixels and the associated clock rate, because otherwise the sub begins to glow ... therefore remains only to Canon a few more transistors has gifts. Missing now only that the signal after and before the CROP DR s.der HDMI stands (not RAW) to approve and record it. Then use an ergonomic housing and the whole thing would be quite a hit.
Sehn time how long it will HV30 or successors still exist.

Antwort von Axel:

That lags the Comparison HV30 / Mark II: 800 ¬ Price vs. total. ~ 4500 ¬ (note: with a weak light all-round zoom can be neither light nor a lot of significant DOF-Effect expect). Even with the Mark II is probably more of a photographer who migrate. Laforet is his own sentiment after a mere photographer.
That impressed Reverie is then synonymous s.Auge the maker of both beautiful and spectacular pictures s.der and knowledge about what works for video and what not. There is no camera, with a bad swing looks appealing, is not synonymous with 48 B / s IMAX. A quick swing of the subject has, always confident.

In good light may be synonymous, the HV30 against Mark II match (assuming the cameraman, and the other just wants to prove it). The XH-A1 or because the EX-1 / 3 are for a long reportage situations safely in this price class should be preferred. No of this is so bright. Since one of the film in addition to feature a good camera receives, at least for me, the question of the meaning of purchase, no reason to chew nails.

As to the question of whether there is a 25p version, or a firmware upgrade, since I'm less worried. These are differences in my experience, to the people with your head must face. Slower movement from viewing resolution is tolerated, for film fanatics to "clean" images are synonymous only to those, so what the whole dance? And a conversion to 25p in foreign footage is probably quite straightforward.

Antwort von WoWu:

Hello Axel,
I can so word for word of it and please, my example with the HV30 is not on the gold scale to determine ... that was more "clear" meant.
What the Überführbarkeit of 30 in 25 are concerned, I have bad experiences but rather for our genre is synonymous little camera suitable as pretty the pictures may be synonymous.
Yet I find the movement in the market is highly interesting and surprising that the Canon over the Nikon apparently has no RS .... it should be the next camcorder manufacturers like to orient.
Let's hope it time that the learning curve still rising.

Antwort von Jan:

I will in the future with my comments to the 5 D MK II synonymous to hold back a little. But soon she is there, then it is definitely a lot of good test videos (proboscis - a video of you - would be nice!).

Many users have the Camera did not, or how I just had in his hand, but can the full range of this camera does not know.

Beautiful would be if the users in their tests with optics used would indicate that it should give people yes, an old and simple 24x36 Original Canon 35-70 mm lens on the plug ... 5 D

A pity that I am the good Tokina Wide Anglean the 5 D MK II can not use because there are some lenses with little distortion and


Antwort von WoWu:

@ Jan
I do not know if you have the implied question of RS've noticed, since the previous publications show the typical distortion RS not (not me, at least). Quite in contrast to Nikon.
My plea, synonymous if you put the camera in my hands just did .... very little attempt would be gratefully received.
Maybe once synonymous (even) attempt with old lenses, which still manual can be dimmed to set the noise behavior in (actually the camera is not provided for mechanical apertures) can be seen.
Thanks in advance.

Antwort von Jan:

That will still take a few days, I have the exact release date is not even in the head, Canon could move these synonymous ...

I had the camera a few minutes in the hand (s.Tag where the camera was officially presented), the video feature has been intentionally blocked, I've fortunately they quickly ensperrt and filmed shortly (what Canon employees were not thrilled). All users of memory cards were collected to test not to be able to make videos.


Antwort von WoWu:

That sounds not confidence. All the more surprising is that the two oaDemos on the web, which really does not have to deliver quality ... and one wonders where the difference probably comes to Reverie.
Well, perhaps it is even more surprises .... in any case I am very interested and would s.RS me on a short notice looking.

Antwort von Dagonator:

I am a photographer begeisteter hobby of shooting and did not so the idea, but will soon on the 5D MKII change because I am also very interested in shooting and I want to start.
I have the camera ready and my photo dealer has assured me that I they are still in November in the hands would stick.

I have here a nice lens collection, if you want to take a few videos with each lens on.

In the Moment:
24-105 f/4L IS
70-200 2.8L IS
300mm 2.8L IS
50mm 1.4
12-24mm (of Sigma)
2x TC (doubles the focal)

So I can test videos of 12-600mm deliver.

Especially on the 12mm wide-angle pans, I am curious. Such a UWW Effect get nearly None affordable camera.

Here are test videos with 1600mm focal. http://www.vimeo.com/1920723 Unfortunately not in full resolution.

I know my film cameras from not so, are there alternatives to the 5D MKII?
So 36x24 sensor + change bayonet for under 3000 ¬?

Antwort von Axel:

"Dagonator" wrote:
I know my film cameras from not so, are there alternatives to the 5D MKII?
So 36x24 sensor + change bayonet for under 3000 ¬?
You probably do video. Fill in the search "Scarlet", which is something like the blue fairy the video forums ...

Antwort von WoWu:

@ Dagonator

Thanks for the offer ... I'm happy to be back and have some special request, not only in relation to the RS but synonymous in the Picture-and noise behavior of the body when used with lenses of mechanical aperture and if you have the Camera really like your job to come back .

@ Axel

Does the Scarlet statements about the sensor?
Unfortunately, my search so far unsuccessful.

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