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Frage von Cheeser:


Hat jmd ne idea how / if you can rotate with MVD 2005, AVI movie 90 degrees?? Rotate by 45 degrees I have found with video FX ... do not turn when I have to get used to hold out my digicam is not always ... but it's just been mist, when the fireworks fly of the page and come back synonymous to Page falls off ;-)

Happy New s.alle!

Greeting Cheeser


Antwort von prem:


if you're in Edit mode, you have the video image on the Text button, volume and FX. About FX -> Image Size and position you can adjust the rotation manual. I am working with MVD 2006, but it should be no big difference with 2005.

MfG crumbs


Antwort von Hardysin:

Hello crumbs
your problem is simple to solve: geschnitteneTeile movie or select them (right click and in the opened menu "Video Effects" (or Shift + Y to open) in the "SPECIAL FX" with the button "ration" turn in any direction.
OK otherwise E-mail:


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