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Frage von Benelli:


Need your help. Sorry knows that already 1000 Encore topics were discussed in the forum, but I will unfortunately not find ... It's encore!

In Photoshop CS4, I created a DVD menu and loaded purely in Encore CS4. It works pretty much all of course to the following two annoyances magnificent.

To the main menu, I have 4 buttons imported from Photoshop, running in the background as a video asset on which the buttons are now available. I now render the preview of the Loop of the BG starts front of videos but if you change the buttons. How can I restore this somehow that the BG-video so just keep running, synonymous if I might, from the button "movie" button on the "Making Of" jump?

BG is the video gone through and looping back s.den beginning I intervening in the preview a black frame. How do I get out?

Schonmal Thank you for your help, Muchachas y Muchachos!


Antwort von Mylenium:

The buttons are not correctly identified / grouped Encore and therefore interpreted as the "Auto Action"! Consequently, the behavior would be correct, because there just is no other way to render the menu. The leap you will not get rid of the just is. It is on the right DVD better, but never goes away gantz. best if your DVD player is so smart, keep the last picture in the memory instead of black. Quite normal for DVD.



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