Infoseite // Premiere Pro CS4: Poor video quality with WMV and FLV

Frage von Sirius:

I have rendered frames from an animation program.
This animated film, I want to calculate.
Output Format WMV and FLV.

But unfortunately, I am with the quality of the finished films are not satisfied,
the films are much more blurred than in the issue with CS3!
With CS4, I just do not get comparable quality?

I hope somebody has an idea!


Antwort von Sirius:

For FLV, I have, hopefully, a lasting solution for my
"unschärfe problem found.
In the export settings are the top left, two tabs,
"Source" and "output".
In order to justify the FLV video a black mourning edge to prevent
I have the video clip (tab "Source").
This is the issue but blurred!
To prevent this, do I have under the tab "Output"
in "Setting for trimming" the option "Resize output"

Then you have to come first ..... gggrrrrrr.

Now let's see if the "trick" is synonymous for WMV!


Antwort von Sirius:

The "trick" works for FLV to WMV course not!
The option is augegraut and is therefore not to

But I have another solution!
I have the pixel ratio for all clips redenominate!
From "Square Pixels (1.0)" to "D1 / DV Pal (1.0940)!

Already I have two problems solved!
I need the video is no longer in the export crop and
The finished video is now synonymous not blurred!

Pheeww .... to find out, I have determined one days
But that has given me no rest!

Let's see what I get when CS5 Relisting needs?


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