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Frage von ItsThePianoMan:

Good day together;

as indicated in the title, I get every time the preview function of Adobe Encore CS5 an error message.

As I have indicated the "Check Project" any error messages, I thought at least the export would work. When I am afternoon was then come back from school, I find with dismay that not a lot of Encore next encoded, but stopped after a similar error message was.

The whole looks like this:

Dachte zuerst, ich hätte irgentwelche Endaktionen nicht gesetzt, welche das Programm dadurch überfordern. Habe aber jeweils of den 4 Menuknöpfen zu den 4 Timelines and danach wieder back zum Menü gelenkt. First-Play ist natürlich das Menü.

Zu Veranschaulichung nochmal das Flussdiagramm als Screen: CLICK!

The only thing that surprised me particularly is the "DVD-ROM content" in the tab "Create". What exactly do I have there, what is in there?

Screen: KLICK!

Bin durch die Suchfunktion unter anderem auf THIS KLICK!

Bin durch die Suchfunktion unter anderem auf
I work for the first time with Adobe Encore and am very synonymous to export the program clearly come with.
I hope just that some can help me here. Wanted to get this DVD that is sometimes done and thank you apologize in advance! :)


PS: After downloading the latest updates on the DVD preview has still done the same to or not done ...


Antwort von jwd96:

Although this has probably nothing to do with it, but I saw you in your file name of the PPro Project by a slash (/) in it have. This is very favorable, for special characters in file names are generally not allowed. Slash's certainly not because the use of the path.


Antwort von jwd96:

From the Adobe Forum


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