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Frage von wegi.haiming:

hello people!

must say in advance that I am an amateur in premiere pro.

Now I have loaded my avi file into the program, and rendered cut, and export to file-export-film.

funny enough you can see in the film synonymous always very bright "flashes" of what to put probably synonymous with the poor tortured in connection - after the export, of course, takes synonymous for a short film for a long time, the output dv-avi poor quality recorded leaves.

I look forward to your tips! thank you


Antwort von Jörg:

Quote: The course lasts for a short film synonymous for a long time

It is absolutely not! Of course, that a short film for export requires long, certainly not that he has a bad quality.
To avoid clairvoyance, of course, been a few more details needed.
Version of Premiere, format of the source material, size of the target material ...


Antwort von wegi.haiming:

Hello ... use Premiere Pro CS 3; of imported file was converted to AVI VOB - ie AVI (25 fps)!

the finished file (AVI) has the following details:
720x480 size
28 783 kbit / s data rate
30 319 kbit / s total bit rate
29 frames / second
Bitrate 1536 kbit / s
2 channels
48 kHz sampling rate

submit this data or you need anything else?


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