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Analoger live-Videoschnitt mit einer eigens gebauten 'Capturebox' ???

Analog-DV Editing live with a specially-built 'Capturebox'?

Frage von allgaeulady:
Februar 2007

hallo Slashcam-forum,

has been almost a year I break my head about a certain self-Box, with its many functions "Play," "Rewind," "Forward," "Stop / Pause" in a single (a type) 2-pin Drehpoteniometer variable and by live-capturing control.

In principle, one can visualize this as a scratchpult imagine where the Dj the disc all the way to the airport to the rear, front or synonymous play stops. In my case, the switchboard would be a (part of) an old Hi8 or Digital8 camcorder.
Digital8? - Because I am about 2 years now with a SonyTRV 270E mainly skateboarding movies in quality and good experience with their tapes have - Robust, etc. .....

My 'vision' in the example to better understand:
So, you've got a clip on a Digital8 tape Requirements. This is now in the old camcorder or in the self-made Capturebox. The main switch (in this instance to the converted "play" button of the old Cam) is actuated.

With a transfer of software is the capture process. The display image shown, a stop, as the regulator (the 2-pole drehpotenziometer, the engine of the 'Tapedrehers' controls) in the center, so to speak on "stop" is set.
We now rotates the slider slightly to the left and as a record the video in the wrong direction (with eg. 30 percent Speed) played. We now turn the knob back in the direction of the center and next. And just after the movement of the controller is synonymous live video material in a video (eg AVI) to the computer recorded.

-----> My Zeil: a 'ramped SlowMotion' as in adobe after effects, but similar in live transmission and to create.

S.euch My question is: is something technically for a hobbyist (16 years) like me feasible, there is something already in production or have someone do something like build times?

I am happy to answer and suggestions!


Antwort von Der Beobachter:

... everything is possible -
it depends only s.deinen alone capabilities.

d B

Antwort von Frank B.:

So, I opened up the meaning of the project, not quite.
Can the desired "target" - not synonymous Effect in a software implemented. The coils of the tape is running in different directions, but not always trouble-free starting. Since then have something like a TBC installed. To my knowledge (I am not with this issue), there is special software with which you have the desired effect can realize. Times according to Google Video DJ or similar terms.


Antwort von robbie:


a very interesting idea, because you did.

But unfortunately, the implementation of such a "ScratchBox" anything but simple. this fails sometimes s.recht grundlegengen stuff like you described of drehpotentiomert.
witz s.der the fact is that there is no poti, where you have a medium setting, which has withstood infinitely large (ie from stands) and then you left and right slowly go against zero resistance, however, reversed polarity . what should it do something synonymous, which is accurate over a control electronics as so ...

The next problem is the signal. small experiment for lonely hours: which displays a video image, if you pause after the - button to press forward or rewind?
an analog-to wilt thou beautiful snow and graze disorders receive the digital you will probably get quite rough artefacts, synonymous with a d8.

But wait! why reinvent the wheel?
with any popular today vj - software can solve your problem! because there are usually a virtual slider, with the clip you forwards, backwards, in a variety of speeds can play ... exactly like you with your poti wanted to make ;)...

schöne grüße!

Antwort von allgaeulady:

As a DIY I would say no.

That, however, there is ready .... any pro-CNAC has a good shuttle, if not synonymous exaggerates Störstreifenfrei ... BetaSP at, for example, if the VTR has Confi-heads, otherwise you have the same Störstreifen it.

Or s.besten a hard disk recorder with shuttle, because käßt then the whole class.

LG, Pat

Antwort von andi (gast):

A big thank you for your answers!

The thing with the Störstreifen made me somewhat synonymous employs only I hoped that at 70 percent still a good picture could be delivered. From the answers I agree that for such 'ramped Slowmotion' is a completely different camcorder with perhaps 30 fps. synonymous cassettes and other badly needed.

Robbie's statement, I must, if synonymous with a sad face, given that even the newer TRV's are already digitized so that when I cam to the "stop" feature on the blue screen appears.

As I understand it, these 'shuttles' probably something similar s.was I think whether it is the only synonymous for Digital8 tapes are-I do not know right. On the images to see things very interesting but the price is of course another matter - so I'm always a bit of self-oriented.

The main software I had in hand - "Adobe After effect". However, there is again the factor of 'finances', probably a little poorer every hobbyist prosecuted. At Google, I found nothing as far as what the 'live scratching' might be. There are some editing software, a simple effect rückwärstlauf offer, but where you can adjust not synonymous.
And this is precisely what I want, yes.

Again, the rotary. According to Robbi is there such a thing is not even - which makes me a bit nervous but I've a small sketch is uploaded, it tries to describe how the pot and looks like it will reverse the polarity:


How to get the other first - electronical could I do not know.

Knew her a suitable (and perhaps synonymous free) software or you have an idea how the Anderst with the least possible cost to be clarified?


Antwort von Markus:

"andi (guest) wrote:
The main software I had in hand - "Adobe After effect". However, there is again the factor of 'finances', probably a little poorer every hobbyist prosecuted.

That I do not understand. AE Do you now or have you still buy it? The two sentences quoted refer to the extent inconsistent.

Where to buy: If it's not the latest version should be, because you needed some ran quite favorable.

Antwort von andi (gast):

Entschludigung. I have something wrong words.

So, no, I did not AE, and buy it is now expensive.
How much does it cost to older versions, I have not found out somehow.

In total is my desire that I Slowmo's most direct way of fingers Avi file can be created - the Drehpoti therefore synonymous.

Do you have suggestions or something? 'Would really helpful for me.


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"andi (guest) wrote:
How much does it cost to older versions, I have not found out somehow.

On ebay you should be the version 6.5 for about 250 euros get.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von robbie:

forget s.für this task!
I've written up a VJ software, no compositing - software.
eg with resolume or motionDive tokyo do you get this "shuttle" is relatively easy to shift!

to your sketch of drehpoti ... nice :)... only a small mental errors. what is with the 2nd pol? for a polar reversal, both poles are swapped, you make only with a pin pad then you are as the + to - in order, but - still - but should be + ;)...

achja, to jog shuttles ... your camera has a LANC - jack. s.die you can jog a synonymous connect with ebay's safe for about 15 euro. eg "sony editing controller / Titler RM-E700 ... check out the ;)...

schöne grüße,

Antwort von Gummi:

Yes, that would be an option. And the controllers are synonymous very well.

If I use the LANC jack did I'm happy ;-) but could you tell me exactly where the jack s.Camcorders (SonyTRV 270E) is located?


Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Anonymous" wrote:
LANC jack ... could you tell me exactly where the ... s.Camcorders (SonyTRV 270E) is located?

If you them in two years' work with the Camera is not met, chances are, unfortunately, well, that the TRV270 no LANC jack. Provides clarity as a glance at the instructions.

Gruß Bernd E.

Antwort von andi (gast):

I must confess, from the manual, I will not quite synonymous smart. The term LANC jack was not a single time before.
However, according to one manual per DV i.Link adapter transfer to external devices such as. allow a VCR.

Is that perhaps what I'm looking for?


Antwort von robbie:


then the 270 but unfortunately probably not LANC - jack, in any case it is a blue 2.5 mm jack slot ...
well, theoretically you can use the i-link control synonymous. with the shuttle of the premiere recording of a eg ...

but why do not you go to the vj - software?
I give you the benefits:
better quality,
no störstreifen or dropsouts,
filebasiert, ie faster changing of materials just a mouse click (on a band you need only examine the band might change ...
you can do much more to do with it,
Multiple clips can lay on top of each other,
. . .

always better than soeine "ScratchBox" ...

schöne grüße,

Antwort von Markus:

"andi (guest) wrote:
Is that perhaps what I'm looking for?

No, Lanc and Firewire are two completely different things. You can camcorder via firewire synonymous only in the operation of cutting taxes, but not during the recording in CAMERA mode. - Or is it just playing?

Antwort von Olya:

Thanks for your response!

"Mark" wrote:
.... but not during the recording in CAMERA mode. - Or is it just playing?

Hmm ... more to the play. So I do not intend to live performance but rather to make the Nacharbeitung.
Whether it is external with an old camcorder + homemade shuttle or a VJ software may now be decided.

On robbie's an extensive proposal, I at times by google some links from the Internet fished:


more: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_VJ_Software

Of course, the kostenplichtigeren Programs usually lestungsfähigeren.
Would I buy a software or halt the free download I would have still saving a little money to give me first some ordinary PC workstation 's.zu create school ..... and Media projects affect huge leisure, you probably know synonymous ;-)

Has someone already expereience with such programs or even an idea to the analog implementation?


Antwort von robbie:

analogous to an idea I would have been implemented yet * gg *... put them in your memory as a "thought experiment" s.and forget to implement that is with thee of the things specified are not feasible (for a half normal price) ...

for software:

I recommend you resolume. Although it cost a bit, but that should still be affordable. s.die the hardware requirements are, shall we say, modest. I have a 1.73 GHz Intel vaio notebool with 1Gb Ram, and the program runs cleanly and without bucking.
möglichekeiten and the effects are endless ... actually everything your heart desires.
yes you can you look at the demo version to download and try.

schöne grüße,

Antwort von lxRox:

resolume of the guys have built a hardware synonymous.


fairly geiles teil!


Antwort von andi (gast):

Yes, the screenshots will as well as necessary.
I guess I will try the program and see if that is what I want.

Thanks for your help and recommendations!


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