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Atomos Ninja für DSLR (GH2 versus 600D / 60D etc)

Atomos Ninja for DSLR (GH2 vs. 600D / 60D etc)

Frage von Daffytroll:
April 2011


Despite research, I am not quite 100% on the sly become Atomos Ninja. The device uses one of you?

What I learned then (especially for the price) really great! Nevertheless, I "would be cool, a few things to get (especially by practical users) confirmed and to learn:

1. Which Camera is the device itself s.besten? Have heard that the GH2 is the only DSLR that outputs via HDMI FullHD synonymous with correct settings etc. However, I noticed that the camera - before you press the record button - very noisy and pixelated in extended telephoto range. If the signal via HDMI, s.den Ninja goes, that would be suitable so pretty bad. Or does so only on the LCD monitor of the camera? And how about there with the competition from?

2. How is it with sound? The ninja is so apparently synonymous for it to control the sound (audio in and out). Super convenient, as the GH2 he has no headphone jack. Does it then s.der via HDMI and an external Micro Camera? Or should the Mic Ninja s.den be connected? And how about then with time code and sync from?

3. the Ninja synonymous suitable as a live image control monitor? In my opinion, synonymous a very useful feature (when it goes, hehe)

4. Hard drive: 500GB HDD so I would prefer. But 128GB SSD to do is synonymous least insofar as they bring in the ninja ever increased performance (speed, quality etc)

I think those are for the time being my last questions about this product :-)

Would be glad to hear of you!



Antwort von markusG:

GH2 + external recorder is not so trivial:

http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?237584- HDMI capture problem-SOLVED-AviSynth-RULES!

Antwort von deti:

alone to avoid the stupid fumbling, I would give to an external recorder. Moreover, the apparent difference is so marginal that it is simply not worth - not synonymous with the color-keying. For amateur to TV needs enough 4:2:0 encoded material good. Perhaps in the premium TV and Movies section 4:2:2 makes any sense. Why you should drive therefore unnecessary expense?


Antwort von Daffytroll:

First of all thank you for the answers!

Deti, your answer I find something daring like that but synonymous not deny, for lack of experience. See the other synonymous so?

I do after all need music and video productions, the color grading. One or the other green-screen action is filmed so certainly synonymous times ...



Antwort von Corpse:

That part is good only for monitoring s.der DSLR!

Antwort von Daffytroll:

"Corpse" wrote:
That part is good only for monitoring s.der DSLR!

Well after all! : D So as monitor itself is synonymous the device?

But it is by no means better quality ProRes from uncompressed material to create, instead of 24 Mbps AVCHD (and the only synonymous only in 24p mode) to use?

Antwort von Corpse:

"Daffytroll" wrote:

But it is by no means better quality ProRes from uncompressed material to create, instead of 24 Mbps AVCHD (and the only synonymous only in 24p mode) to use?

clearly, this is it. Only there noDSLR from an uncompressed stream. What is being spent, is written up the same crap the synonymous to the SD / CF card. For most DSLR's not even HD.

Antwort von markusG:

"Daffytroll" wrote:
But it is by no means better quality ProRes from uncompressed material to create, instead of 24 Mbps AVCHD (and the only synonymous only in 24p mode) to use?

There are more concerns than pure picture quality. That no extra 720p50 is possible, Zebra / auxiliary ads must be turned off, etc.

In addition, the output is good probably less, since the problems such as banding due to 8-bit color depth will not just get lifted. So I think at the Camera, the codec is the least of all evils ...

For example:
(Original download file!)

* Edit: to read more due to the HDMI out GH2:
http://www.dvxuser.com/V6/showthread.php?231315-Any-GH2-news-on-the- HDMI -output-front/page27

Antwort von Daffytroll:

They are destructive in any case, arguments! Do you know whether other VDSLRs behave differently? Probably not, right?

Antwort von markusG:

I think you're better off with other cameras in terms of the (AF101 & co). If you ask even such claims;)

If you can do without the monitoring, there is the opportunity to acquire an alternative a hacked / hack-in GH1, a higher bit rate and thus provides less compression artifacts. There is also in MJPG mode can save in 422. But if the whole effort is required you have to decide for yourself.

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