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Frage von Vince Assmann:

Dear Forum,

Perhaps you know next. Today I am once again encountered a problem that I have in all versions of Avid Xpress DV is met on all computers and I'm still not next:
Normally, say "Yes, a non-rendered effect will be displayed while he was being processed, for example, during the color correction: you turn one wheel, and can simultaneously observe the color change. Of course, one must render this effect then, but when you see him Stillimage so.
That was synonymous with me until 10 minutes and suddenly stopped since. Now I see effects only when I either advance rendere, or on the "green button" toggle and then play it back.
This means that I must press for example, when Farbkorrigieren ever to play in between and can not see the changes while I undertake.
The same applies to synonymous title effects, and all the others.

So far I have this problem by installing Avid-new solution, but the annoying over time.
As I have said to me this problem on computers with different hardware configuration meets, currently on an Athlon X2 4400 + with APVe Matrox Parhelia graphics card and ASUS board with 2 GB Ram.
It must be somewhere overlay settings that produce the familiar "real-time display" again, as someone a better trick than reinstalling? Or even knows jeman the problem?
Have you ever thank you very much.



Antwort von prem:

Did the problem is now resolved itself: if you think about the times happens, you just have to delete the folder "Avid Users" and to replace it with jungfäulichen, as it originates at the installation of Avid. So after the install a backup copy of the Users folder and make there wenns mal problems with the effect preview, the existing folder with the backup overwrite. Yippie. That made me busy for years :-)


Antwort von Gast:

all you need is in the preferences "render on the fly, tick" and you've got your picture again


Antwort von wrunge:

But I do not find the option "Render on the Fly" Did this problem that is synonymous with this Preview


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