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Frage von piXel-issue:

Hello dear Slashcam community,

this forum has me very often geholfen.Bislang always had one another a similar problem, but this time I have to ask yourselves time.

I wish with Avid Xpress Pro v. 4.0 and are working two PC monitors. The graphics card has, of course (besides the S-Video -), two VGA outputs. I shall not have a deck, an analogue composite preview monitor, nor the Mojo available, so I ask you now, I configure Avid so that I am one of the PC monitors as a work surface which can be used other than full-screen preview monitor .

I am quite sure that the person must be able, for I have views on the MAC and nem have of that time still in my head that have the preview monitor is an Resolutionvon be 800x600.

As far as I commemorated the full screen while geruckelt has always been a little bit, but it is always better than the little ... Composer window

I hope you understand what I intended and I can help ...

(Seats here just s.klein Apprentice Project, a kind makingof In-house movie. So I'm sitting in the accident, cutting room, where are installed all PC parts lying around just so used here as the graphics card is an Nvidia FX 5200, the The last apprentice here has left lying ...)

I'm grateful for any advice!



Antwort von Hogar:

I would like to tell you something better, but I'm pretty sure that will not do that!

On very old versions of Avid on the Mac, there is indeed a full-function, but there are newer versions any more. I certainly never found them synonymous, and not needed.



Antwort von piXel-issue:

Thanks for your answer, Hogar!
I was afraid that the (is more), I've considered synonymous all configuration options and found nothing! The people with whom I had seen, used Avid Xpress DV 3.0 or 3.5 (MAC). A pity really, because with a powerful graphics card (which I have not spoken here) yes yes so'ne option makes sense ...!

Well, if anyone knows any different, or 'has any idea which version eliminated with this feature was, on whose opinion I would continue to be very happy!

Greetings s.alle which the read pixel Issue!


Antwort von Nightfly!:

Hi-pixel issue

You may already sufficient for the option in the properties of the Windows display: "Windows desktop onto this screen" and open the preview screen in this too!?

Otherwise, I have seen this function only with Mojo.



Antwort von palo:


unfortunately, only with the Matrox Parhelia graphics card. so go 2 monitors plus reference monitor


Antwort von ruessel:

Quote: unfortunately only with the Matrox Parhelia ....

Caution with this graphics card! With newer Avid's (HD), the software no longer starts with this card. Of what better PNY FX1100 .... or something. I certainly had my Matrox with huge loss selling again .....

Greeting from Ruessel


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