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Frage von Spick:

I've installed in my Avid Media Composer.

Now I have the problem that when I import video blogs, first with bands appear. Similar to here:

And I was like when I press on every play and hear the sound no picture.

In addition, the capture function even crash the program.

I reinstalled Windows 7 yesterday. This has, unfortunately, but nothing helped.

How can these problems are `??

Here's my system:
Windows 7 32 bit
Intel Core2 CPU6300@1.86GHZ
NVidea 9500 GT

Would be very grateful for help


Antwort von Filbert:

In any case, make sure the MC version synonymous for the best version of Quicktime is installed corresponding to the ( matrix ). It is of course synonymous anything else of the requirements of Avid different cause problems, but since one can only speculate where it is otherwise turn. Correct QT version of my experience helps s.ehesten (and possibly more appropriate video driver version) ...

Otherwise, more details please, what can MC version, which (looks like an interlace problem) for a video file for import into which project format, etc. If you want you yes times a snippet to upload, then I see even if it works for me.

Capture crash: Deck Configuration set correctly? And, Avid crashed me there's never ...



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