Infoseite // Beginner Question: Sony HVR A1E, JVC GY HM100 or Panasonic AG-HMC41EU?

Frage von AbsoluterBeginner:


I'm bloody Beginners in the "semi professional". I have been with a JVC DV Cam (Media-Martk level) filmed what is about to change.
The plan is to buy a Sony HVR A1E, a JVC GY HM100 or a Panasonic AG-HMC41EU.
This choice results from the now-affordable price of this model.

I film mostly at events and make music videos. There are also car shows (details and Fahraufaunahmen with "Action").

Dier processing to the future with a Windows-based PC and Sony Vegas (possibly five After Effects) to be addressed.

I am, as mentioned already, the absolute amateur, but willing to learn.

Which I guess Cam her-and why?


Antwort von campool:


So with the A1 are you when the new nor there, serving more as well: Of course not full manual control, but intervention options that go beyond the level of comparable price DV models. In addition, due to larger chip and a little compressed recording methods probably with average lighting better pictures (even in general terms). In the 41 HMC containing the (reasonable) sound section only available separately and me personally, the pictures of the HM 100 in Comparison to the A1 directly too soft and too strongly influenced arte de facto.

But if you rummage in the price section already: Since you're determined synonymous with Canon XH A1 of a used find. The lengths to achieve even better results in hardware equipment and image quality than HVR A1, HMC HM 41 and 100th

Good luck with your search!



Antwort von AbsoluterBeginner:

Thanks for the tip. I will take the Cam synonymous times under the microscope. I think in the price range not infallible Professional is understandable. Sound quality is usually secondary to me because I make music videos and the O-Sound travels mostly in the trash.

Usability and image results are the most important things for me. I too am a bit shy in front of equipment with tape drive and hard disks tend to / Card Cams....ggf wrongly?


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