Frage von Gunnar:

Hello everybody!

Unfortunately, I'm falling to the temptation in the United States to buy an NTSC camcorder (NTSC) and now have problems playing the videos shot in the relationship. On my Pioneer DVD recorder everything works fine auto (transfer to and playback of DVD in NTSC format). Thought it was all so simple. (Layman) do not go. Parents have a current Toshiba DVD player that does not do us the like.

1) Can you tell whether it is generally s.dem DVD player or s.Television? Have a Television Aldi itself, which gives me no problems.

2) Are there (possibly synonymous possibilities for a layman), the recorded DVD of NTSC to PAL conversion, so that these DVD's will enjoy the synonymous relationship?

3) Is it possible to adjust the camcorder (Panasonic PVGS 300) generally to PAL.

Many thanks for your help!


Antwort von Markus:

"Gunnar" wrote: Unfortunately, I'm tempted to fall into the U.S. to buy an NTSC camcorder to ...
Hi Gunnar,

Use look positive: The mistake you sure do not return. ;-)

Modern DVD players usually have no problem with NTSC DVDs play. However, they usually give out NTSC or PAL60 and thus in turn have older television problems. Modern equipment to understand the American television standard mostly.

The switch to PAL camcorder will not be possible. The issue of television standard may be defined not only about programming, but sometimes (often? Always?) Synonymous in the quality of the image intensifier.

To use conversion of NTSC to PAL but once the search with the keywords "DVD NTSC PAL" (Search for all terms).


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