Infoseite // CANON EOS 5D Mark II. Importing mov in Premiere CS4

Frage von Amsel:


I have a very urgent problem in the cut of my shots with the CANON EOS 5D Mark II in Adobe Premiere CS4.
As soon as I try to think. Mov files to import my Premiere Project to inform me with the premiere of this format is not supported.
Have come to me already downloaded QuickTime Player, Nero, Lite Codec Pack Full, at s.den codec, but nothing works.
'm Pretty desperate, someone has any idea what's the problem?



Antwort von B.DeKid:

If you like us explain what have you done with the source file, and why she now receives a "mov file is ....

Well then perhaps some balls here in the aisles come ;-)

B. DeKid

Have the footage converted to ProRes 4:2:2?


Antwort von masterseb:

So typically you need a plugin for premiere, able to process material in order to quell the directly from the camera too. neoscene is, a zb. But with costs. s.einem mac when you sit, the whole thing easier.

natively you can start with the material nothing you have opportunities 2, either by coding or external plugin with a similar tool.


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