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Kameratechnik: Parallaxefehler zwischen Sucher und Film?

Camera Technology: parallax between viewfinders and film?

Frage von Andre86:
März 2009

I'm new to the forum ;-)

I wonder how in analog cameras viewfinders works. Not exactly the same picture on the film, how it looks through the viewfinders? Or is there a parallax as described there:


Because if you take an analog zoom, so you noticed the change in focal yes synonymous viewfinders.

Thanks for your help and nice greetings from Graz:)

Antwort von domain:

With analog or digital nothing to do. There are optical viewfinder through which the focal length adjustment of the lens to simulate the parallax but usually not corrected.
screening with optical viewfinder, however I know nothing more.

Antwort von Andre86:

the circulation seems to be the aperture problem in Full analogue cameras to be resolved. I am aware that this technique with no analog to digital has to do, but the optical viewfinders works.

The surface circulation of the diaphragm is mirrored so that the picture in the Viewfinder falls when the film moved on.


Many greetings,

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

Is like reflex (SLR is synonymous) ... only with a film of the reflex mirror and not to fold, which is mechanically somewhat challenging and would be synonymous properly would make noise.

Parallel viewfinder, there are actually only available in compact digital Snap. In the film the camera's range, however, still synonymous with the A-Cam Ikonoskop of why the camera for longer focal lengths almost impossible to be used.

Antwort von Andre86:

My goal is exactly the same picture in two cameras to get, so I came to the mechanics of an optical viewfinder.

At first I thought s.eine design with a semitransparent mirror, the light to pass through Camera 1 and Camera 2 to reflect, but then the light in the ideal case only half as much - unfortunately resulting in two images.

Do you have an idea maybe?

Antwort von domain:

What do you need that? Not even with stereo cameras and there are identical images in the video field is anyway somewhat difficult, because a time lag between the individual images of the two cameras would be taken into account.

Antwort von Andre86:

I try the same picture with different exposure time record. Located next to the object distance, then eliminates the problem of its own, if I have the cameras close enough together. Because of the angle moved there but then problems with nearby objects.

Antwort von robbie:

Sounds as if someone has a video camera HDR-want to build ...

Antwort von Andre86:

Yes, or already gibts sowas ;-)

Antwort von domain:

Ultimately, the entire achievable by HDR Contrast usually anyway back to 8 bits zusammengequetscht, so in my eyes, a pretty unnecessary thing in the HDR digital photography.
If you but in a good Durchzeichnung in the lights and shadows arrives, then there is the non-linear gamma curves in professional cameras that are so called. Knee-gamma adjustments.
The A / D converter (14 bit) process in conjunction with the sensors is much greater today than they Kontastumfänge in Consumercamcordern recorded.

Antwort von Andre86:

Thanks for the info.

I try these extreme HDR-Effect in style videos, which is more than a slightly higher contrast range. I am aware that some problems still stand in the way - first the Optics ;-)

Antwort von Schleichmichel:

That is expensive! Maybe you take an old 3-strip Technicolor film camera, take the color out and simply use 50ASA, 250ASA and 500ASA films in the thing and makes the work in the copy on a positive copy: D

Come for cheaper, and looks cooler!

@ Domain: Whether 8-bit or 16 bit. An HDR-picture may in both bit the same contrast range, which is indeed the Hauptgag for HDR to be. If a Picture with a large bit into one with a lower bit depth requantisiert an analog or digital picture changed, the only variation in coarser discrete values divided. Depending on the algorithm, or even barely noticeable dithering ... up to certain limits.

Antwort von domain:

You have absolutely right, but we do not want a coarser gradations, which are already with 256 Treppchen quite badly limittiert.
A truly Featured momentum is increasing with 3 * 8 bits is not possible. As would have been 12-14 and bit her course would have the playback equipment synonymous still play.

Antwort von B.DeKid:


So regarding HDR Video

Via Camera, you can actually remember.
You will need minimum 3 syncron switched cameras
Furthermore, changing the shutter synonymous with the movement of the film footage .... say we ought to work with Aperture.

Film material normally
then change the color and brightness as often as

Put all the film layers over each other and the whole mask - Ready

I recommend at least 3-5 levels 7-12 levels are better.

B. DeKid

PS: problems with moving images, the masking,-P

PS2: In general I trust to handle HDR images made more than auto generated HDR images such as HP tries to conjure.

Antwort von KrischanDO:

"Andre86" wrote:
Thanks for the info.

I try these extreme HDR-Effect in style videos, which is more than a slightly higher contrast range. I am aware that some problems still stand in the way - first the Optics ;-)

Want to really effect this Tonemapping copy of a few years ago, photography has zugemüllt, greyish smeared with these lights, puffigen middle and weichgespülten depths?
Aesthetically very worrying ...


Antwort von domain:

So it is, watch full Shyce from these HDR-art products.
Everyone recognizes that there is tremendous what can not be true in relation to reality.
Andre Forget it and dedicate yourself more important things, such as how to make a touching movie can be.

Antwort von B.DeKid:

Oh HDR can be great to see.

See my

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