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Frage von Festivaldrummer:

I am still relatively inexperienced in the area I wanted to like here just ask, what camera is suitable for my Project s.besten.
Because I have to turn in front of a small documentary on a major festival. With the recording of interviews and performances by the bands, etc. It is all about me, this truly Festival Feeling capture.
The organizer gave me for it even issued a permit. Now I stand before the problem is that I have not had any proper camera.
¬ 350 price would be my limit. Sorry, am a poor student.
Important to me would be a good sound (ie, a external mic input would be great) and really good pictures synonymous;) (also a viewfinder would be synonymous of advantage)!
I would then cut the whole with a colleague from the WDR.
He has recommended to me synonymous the good old Hi8 camcorder to take. Sonywäre because supposedly the best brand.
Is that right or that I should look around me?
What would you recommend me?

EDIT: Can you be more expensive synonymous, assuming it has ebay cheaper. ;)

Greetings and thank you for the answers Schonmal



Antwort von Jan:


Currently there are no brands for more than 450 ¬ with microphone input, the viewfinder you find often in current cameras above of 600 ¬!

Even the microphone connector exotic camera under 300 ¬ of 2009 (FS Canon 200) now no longer and the successor has 305 FS / 306 / 307 no longer have the microphone input.

Even HD 400-500 ¬ entry devices like the Pana SD 66, or the Canon HFR 115 SonyCX have no microphone input.

Hi, I would leave 8, A because of the extreme age and then because of the analog record viewing (later to digitize again makes losses).
As the editors surely a good quality of Canopus Converter (or similar) has, since again rauszuholen something, I would not do it anyway. You can never tell how long the mill synonymous still hold out ....

Some Hi 8 Sony were quite good in low light, festival pictures are not only low light shots, even some stages are very well illuminated, as it is important to set the exposure to manual and good color fidelity and not a washed-chip colors.

Then look under the Panasonic 3 CCD models of the last four years (as for example the current GS 280 for straight on Ebay now 150 ¬).

These models have a viewfinder, good manual control, optical stabilizers often, good colors thanks to three chip and the model on Ebay for example synonymous has a microphone input.

DV Output and digital lap recording at a good old mini DV tapes - which are fast cutting.

Which was the successor GS 320/330 (microphone input) but unfortunately deleted.

Even better would be to buy a GS 500, which has a synonymous manual record level, but that should be a game of luck, so a camera for 300 ¬.



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