Infoseite // Canon 500d Premiere Pro CS4 HELP

Frage von Cello0200:


I am now looking for weeks, a solution to my problem in various forums and simply do not come next: (
Perhaps someone can help me here, yes!?

I currently have a Canon 500d, which saves videos in H264!
HD 720p, 30 fps

Program: Premiere Pro CS4, Encore + / Mac

Synonymous, I believe they have found the correct settings for CS4!?
Native editing is possible in CS4!
The render bar is yellow!

Now to my problem: (

I've really tried everything!

I just do not get through to create a DVD that do not

In the Timeline in CS4 is not jerky when I play!

Is it perhaps already s.den settings of the sequence in CS4
or just s.den settings in Encore?

Ps: With iMovie, I have made my first experience with video: /:)
When I burn movies because of iDVD is running clean everything!

If someone from the area of D-dorf can come and help me on the spot
I would pay synonymous gene for it!

I really just do not come here next



Antwort von RickyMartini:

Is probably the jerk s.den 30B / s, which must be runtergerechnet for the PAL DVD to 25B / s and the progressive recording.


Antwort von Cello0200:

Erstmal Thanks for the answer!

It does not happen in the transcoding in Encore??

I have my entire project is now completed in CS4! And now get
I was not on DVD: (already annoying!

Perhaps a hint how can I proceed now?

've Tried everything in Encore: (Always the same!

Jerky endless ........


Antwort von Webbsta:

Already, the project tries to secure as complete recording sequentially on the hard drive to copy and then with eg Nero, etc. to DVD?


Antwort von philbird:

would suggest to convert it before in 25b / s.
schau mal frame rate converter to
ne takes eternity, but does not suggest qualitatively


Antwort von georggraw:

If only the burned DVD jerky, it may be synonymous s.Laufwerk. Shakes the DVD when it was previously synonymous to hard drive and copy of will be played there?


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