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Canon stellt u.a. EOS 600D und EOS 1100D Konsumer DSLRs vor

Canon 600D and EOS provides usEOS before 1100D consumer DSLRs

Newsmeldung von slashCAM:
Februar 2011

Here is the news message with links and images on the pages slashCAM Magazine

Antwort von mindfest:

It makes sense to cut the video performance of the 1100D. Then you do not poaching in the area of the other. I invite for me this is usually only 720p high and one can only emphasize that the behind the camera is still s.wichtigsten.

Antwort von Büschel:

"Mind set" wrote:
It makes sense to cut the video performance of the 1100D. Then you do not poaching in the area of the other. I invite for me this is usually only 720p high and one can only emphasize that the behind the camera is still s.wichtigsten.

Marketing-safe makes sense, but I do not know what reason not to film in 1080p and then render in 720p.
The 1100D is more of a 450D with video capture, as the data can make it look.

I would be interested in the new camera more times if the video codec is more effective at. So far, the cameras relatively fuzzy Matschpampe contributes to high data rates were produced.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

What is clear is the importance behind the camera when the device but Alias | Wavefront Mayaing / moire produced s.Fabrik as the previous APS-C cameras, then I could give to the engineers responsible for it has a powerful kick!

Antwort von Flyaway:

If, in terms of Alias | Wavefront Mayaing / moire, sharpness and AF may have not changed for the better, both cameras are not interesting for filmmakers.

Antwort von Bruno Peter:

I would say do not focus I get from the EOS 550 D enough, the color resolution is that I like very good, red is a good example with great color separation and drawing out the video. Now with 10 times the crop mode to Full-HD is the camera but great for wildlife shots, even synonymous with a "light" 18-200mm zoom lens ideal. And the mirror is still there, is synonymous best for me if I'm just pictures. The focus is then extremely fast, important for fast moving objects and the Battery consumption is very low here.

Antwort von Mantas:

The digital zoom is really interesting!

Antwort von Jan:


here are the product of Canon cards.

Canon and Nikon have now added two but that they are not building a system of cameras, at least not any time soon.
Therefore, the system's cameras just too much development work (the new lens & cameras) is to provide the benefits and more manageable.
The Canon of information was thus a duck.

This will please at least Sony, Panasonic, Samsung and Olympus.


Antwort von Bruno Peter:

Acha ..., the version offered here has no focal length multiplier of 3-/10fach in crop mode of the CCD chip at Full-HD video recording. Would have been ideal for wildlife photography.

Really bad!

Antwort von 407621:

find even more interesting than the 600D is not too old so now the 60D is probably obsolete already.
I would personally teach happy now synonymous even a "free" firmware update my 7D to this at least a few useful features of last 5D MkII update. Level control as

For the ambitious photographer who is synonymous gääääähn times the now almost back had become monotonous, depth of field (, filmed many great try but without a message, story ,...)! wants.

Right ProfiDOFfummler translated well but then the larger Canon Models with a matching Zeiss Primes. Or just but soon Panasonic AG-AF101 or SonyPMW F3. It will definitely be exciting!
I'm more curious to see if Canon will release yet another Interchangeable Lens camcorder with 4:2:2 and a slightly larger chip. That would be nice!

Antwort von Bernd E.:

"Peter Bruno" wrote:
... The version offered here has no focal length multiplier of 3-/10fach in crop mode of the CCD chip at Full-HD video recording ...

What makes you think that the HD-Crop Mode is a must for any 600D? Canon in any document on the function of this camera is specifically mentioned.

Antwort von meawk:

Sorry - no one needs the 600D. OK, the swivel display is better, but otherwise nothing really new. . .

Currently, one with views of Magic Lantern better off with the 550D.

When the Prices should now go for the 550D down - and now must play Magic Lantern. It's nice s.der for any new prospective 550D.


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Unleashed flash / 16:9 Still Image mode, but actually reversed non-Sun

Antwort von meawk:

if that's all?

the 550D owners need not buy this camera in any case.

In connection with ML (or the like mentioned), so view with 60:40 to video / still image the 550D owners would be downright silly if they would now buy the 600D.

The 600D is a camera for intermediates of the 350, 450D, or an alternative to the 60D, which now needs more None really (because who wants to understand Canon - I do not). Even under the present point of view with the 550D synonymous for these buyers may not actually purchase.

Currently there are really only two genuine Canon recommendations:

1. 5D II
2. 550D

synonymous with views of the 1-digit, which provided only for the sports press and professional sense.


PS: And the 1100D - who buys them? In any case, no one who can think more or less normal, if it were after the release of the 600D, the 550D still synonymous for a price even lower than in the past can get. Canon, Canon - FAT to become at times to really go new ways. Fortunately you have is because the broad "demented mass" your "innovations" will buy it. . . unfortunately

Synonymous with what is quite sure who buys Canon, buys solidity. The others, like Pentax K-5 or Nikon D7000 have built an innovative quasi Vorseriensensor, just spoon the time the test phases of the various magazines on stands, and then allow the customer the soup (the cams are at present sent en masse to support. ..). As you know, Canon has what you - the cams are working properly and are synonymous still very good, despite still Digic IV, etc.

Antwort von meawk:


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Actually, yes it is quite simple in terms of target audiences

xxxx series is designed for quasi petite woman hands or for those not so convinced of Wechselkanidaten compact to DSLR

xxx series is designed for beginners and hobby photographers

xx series is to address the Semi Pro User

x series, the professional camp

Here Canon remains faithful to certain score.

A paragraph will find the cams already.

As for Nikon so clear here the name is a brand - synonymous many famous people I think just the Nikon simply the best is what is s.Markt. In certain score I can even pull comprehensible.

Pentax knows the ground is hard and unfortunately encouraged to offer little or synonymous.

Olympus Pentax almost exactly like a niche product though not at the wrong times.

If my Conclusion - who does not know better synonymous buys a 600D (I alone, as already mentioned, because of the number ;-) - which comes directly into the display case at my EOS 600 Cams ;-))

And since there are many people familiar with the Magic Lantern is not much use for since "It might make my cam broke or is this synonymous legal" - which are synonymous happy to grab hold 600D ;-)

Qualitatively, the 600D is probably are not really better than the 550D
I would be very surprised if Canon would have donated as other AA filter or the like the model.

B. DeKid

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