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Frage von nicolor87:


Have now some time in your forum and read by implication
my first pictures of your work and the provision of working,
Equipment, etc. made. Many things I realized after some time
unfortunately still leaves another large gaps in knowledge that I
yet unfortunately could not fill with content.

Therefore, I urge you just once to me to be a little help
I would be happy about constructive tips :-)

So it is a question that I am working as a photographer for quite some time
And synonymous with some video production, on average, and in the post
Production could help or know me a little
could acquire.

In December, it is now and where do I get my brand new EOS7D.
I would like with this camera like to shoot a music video.

Now for my questions:

The Canon for shooting will be my only film camera. I have
Lenses ussynonymous some lenses like the Canon 1:1.4
50MM Lens and one 18-135 zoom lens (also of Canon).

Because that video is reasonably good looking, I ask you, what I still
need to realize this. Many speak of so-called
Rigs and follow focus, etc.

What fits for s.eine 7D? What are the differences?
What is the advantage of a steady cam rig? What Rig
enough? What are low-cost alternative but Worthwhile?
And why do we need such an article for the eye (name omitted)
the s.den Live View is closed?

I would like to film chamber runs out of his hand. For large
My old company offers rides on a crane to the I
can borrow.

PANOS I wanted my photo equipment (studio lamps,
Back reflectors, etc.) and I need sound-engineering
I shall not make since that video is completely synchronized
of a recording studio with the original song.

Liebe Grüße Nico


Antwort von B.DeKid:

Since then need nothing more :-)

Or are you the testimony enough ;-)


Come on ... Rotate ne tracking shot from the hand is indeed dead wrong - what do you want to Chemical Brothers on Cloverfield?

Sure you can help here any use of a steady, one of Dolly's or a crane!

Nen rig has nothing to do with ner steady - it only serves to balance the weight and only the middle and placing followfocus and Mattebox s.richtiger agency.


Turning einfach mal nen bissel the standard SetUp - with the lenses that you have s.Start - and you'll realize that your music video, only a concept is missing ;-)

Unless we can say - Have fun and make only once and then for new stuff matters ;-)

To consider such nen Zucato Dings Bums for LiveView is completely unnecessary - any external monitor offers you more than so nen Control nonsense!


So no fear - if you come out of the photograph you have here what many eh ahead! After all, you already know which one is painting with light in photography and what each of focal lengths and distances to the object - so why do not you just trust the learned and it starts? - The only difference is that you now have 25 FPS ;-)

Good luck - you already Rocking!

B. DeKid

PS: If you have no plan of photos should not with video / film to start ;-)


Antwort von nicolor87:

Haha thanks for your quick response .. has given me a little Facilitation .. was just slightly worried after all the threads and wanted me to best prepare for coming ..

I was the first with the standard setup and my lenses, the best possible of course when I try anyway after this acquisition were less budget to work with had .... is more like some information gathering what you can do so rausholen nem schniecken particles .. :-)

Well, I probiers erstmal aus .. for questions, I know where I am the best of hands:)

Thank you very much! Gruß Nico


Antwort von Mink:

Image control, the camera you can easily connect via HDMI s.nen Television (but then the camera display is off) or via USB and software reflect the Picture on a laptop ... Then the display is still synonymous s.der Camera.

Otherwise, it should already be something to stabilize.

Or tripod or rig ....


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