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Frage von MayhemProject:

Hallöchen her

few weeks ago I bought a lot of thinking to a 7D. Previously collected only with "cheap" camcorders eigtl experience in the video section I first have to capture the materiality very long and still very much synonymous'll see / must learn. Especially in the field of (V) DSLR!

Well, primarily, the 7D and I used to shoot up now synonymous only one lens (a EFS 18-153mm) and it is noticeable that when the room / environment is not lit properly, the quality decreases or a Image noise can be heard. Possibly. I have high expectations, but it was late in the evening quite get along without noise.

Sure thing: There must be 'nen else / some other Lenses ago. So now before I buy something blindly, I would like to hear your professional opinions. Which bright lens (fixed focal length, of course yes of yourself: D) should I buy it? Possibly. not too expensive. Should be less than 1000 ¬, if it's working.

And a second thing yet. When shooting I notice every time I need a second camera, for the later section of a particular scene that I filmed from different perspectives. With only a camera for me that is quite complicated (no idea vll there since a trick that I am an amateur filmmaker not known)

Which camera would you recommend me as a side-kick?


Antwort von soan:


the noise in low light does not come through the bad lighting conditions ;-)

Your 7d is probably set to AutoISO, which means it controls smoothly s.der Iso around to achieve a proper (automatic) exposure. You should always specify the manual ISO settings to keep the noise under control.

As Lens is all ok s.Aperture 8.2 (a variable with image stabilization and Tamron 17-50mm focal example). If comes down to it you take for example a 50mm 1.8, 28mm 1.8, 50mm 1.4. All priced under and bright, but hard lenses.


Antwort von rush:

Moin ... Suitable for 7 d probably the 550d could be applicable ...

the lenses ... as mentioned, they should be faster than 2.8.
ever brighter the better.

If you have the coal, get a 1.8er or better 1.4er Primes. If some not so expensive. Tag me with Canon lenses but not enough.

This makes working really fun and you have a significant profit in terms of brightness.
However, the zoom is to draw the focus away and takes practice ...

Furthermore, manual exposure - has been synonymous already said yes:)


Antwort von MayhemProject:

Oh damn beaver: D

I knew there was something more with what the iso-values! Yes, of course explains a lot. Good, but in future I will think but still need some bright Lenses.

Is synonymous yes no problem that they are fixed focal length:)

Schonmal thank you for your tips!


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