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Frage von realx:

Hello everybody!

Has anyone Camcorders Canon FS100 and JVC GZ-MS100 times compared directly? Worth the extra cost for the Canon?

To me it is mainly on image quality in daylight. It is a matter of horses on the paddock and riding in the motion to shoot, would be of limited Canon Wide Angled not disturb. Outside, in daylight, should be top quality, in the courtyard in subdued light, of course, should be synonymous nor what come over. A fast autofocus, there is probably synonymous important. Candle-lit close-ups and make videos because I tend not to ... There is nowhere somehow NEN direct comparison of the two camcorders ...

At Panasonic synonymous, I have already thought, but to the best outdoor skills you do not read so much good for picture quality and the optical Image Stabilization in the SD-Cams synonymous probably not so good implemented ...

How come the videos of the current SD-Cams on his 50-inch plasma over? Sure, an HD camera would be more appropriate. Priced and technically synonymous processing but makes only sense s.irgendwann mid-2009 ....

I had time a Panasonic NV-GS280 MiniDV. Whose image is somehow comparable with the current SD-Cams?

Thank you!


Antwort von Jan:


I had times where my mustard to:


Antwort von realx:

Ok, now have the FS100 and the GZ-MS100 ordered to go directly to compare.

The JVC is now come. The first test produces mixed feelings. The handling and processing are great, I am positively surprised.

BUT, I could now only at normal room lighting from the balcony and in the twilight film. From the result, I am disappointed now but ... Did not really expecting much and it is repeatedly written that the SD-Cams nothing for weak light are ... But sooo bad? The picture is very noisy, always seems to swing in behind entwas to bucking and the Image Stabilization needs always ne standing Picture seconds until he really intervenes. Pans are quite blurred. Did it with various automatic and manual settings tested. Well, I look at the daylight shots curious and much more on the Canon FS100 ...

Can someone share my experience so far and I hope to make?


Antwort von realx:

So, the JVC again inside and tested the video with my digital DMC-FX01 compared. Sorry, this is indeed garnicht ... All the lights we were s.and everything is very noisy. The video of the digicam is MUCH lighter, but of course little noisy pixel, since lower resolution. For the eye is the video of the digicam but almost enjoyable. That I would really not expect ... Whether because I probably have a HD-Cam need to buy?


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