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Frage von draculaus:


I am planning to buy me a helmet camera for recordings go downhill. Now there are countless cameras so you can use it. And I would like to take the party familei mainly just for the sport and perhaps recordings for 3-4 times, I'll take any "expensive" camera, stop downhill ever since something could happen and that is not in a backpack anyway good hands;) For me the money then too bad.
So I looked at the 2 above mentioned cameras and made the short list. Which have both an AV IN for what is necessary to operate a Helmcam. Can you tell me maybe your experience with the cameras?
As an external camera (ie the or s.helm off) is I have chosen the pacelog of. Perhaps one of you has already gained experiences in order ...

Do you suppose that the combination of "normal" tv quality sufficient? I do of course realize that I can not get DVD quality.
Which camera is better? Where are the differences?
Or are other alternatives?


Antwort von Apprentice:


I have such a similar problem as you, you're next to hire something, I want my camera to climb and downhill iensetzten, but I do not knows where I herbekomme a helmet camera. I've been looking forever for a Manufacturer or something like that produces jmd.
Hope you can help me.

Gruß Ben


Antwort von thatgeckodude:

hey draculaus,

we film for quite some time with Canon equipment (800i, 830i 700i, etc.) and the principle of giving preference to helmet cams canon camera inset, due to a simple: they are LANC compatible ... lanc is fersteuerung for the cams with which you With only touch of a button you can stop and start recording ...
recordings with the helmet camera down does not mean you need an extra backpack and unpack every time ... for us it was one of the main grounds have been talking for canon!

However, the color quality when compared to the canon again, Sony camcorders can be difficult to be desired. AV input of the canon seems to be a problem with the white balance to what they have received over again ... this leads to overly problem we could not identify with camcorders sony ...

the best features with the best preisleistungsverhältnis offer my opinion after the time of the Sony HC42E (avin, touchscreen, capable lanc ...) and the recordings can be proud of more than.
480TVL with a cam you should s.TVschirm (HDTV now time excluded) for a normal film does not look different, of course, the recordings are not as sharp as synonymous DVD that plays quali So from somewhere in between, just to gross you an idea of give.

@ ben: schau doch mal hier by on helmetcam provider ...


Antwort von prem:

ch is a similar problem as what you have, you're next to hire something, I want my camera to climb and downhill iensetzten, but I do not knows where I herbekomme a helmet camera. I've been looking forever for a Manufacturer or something like that produces jmd.
Hope you can help me.

Greeting Ben [/ quote]


have here a link to a very good page.

Regards erik


Antwort von Topper Harley:

@ thatgeckodude:

Can you please tell me here your experiences: # 139,665



Antwort von id073897:

If I can latch my views: I have the HC42 with bullet cam to shoot on the bike. This works fine. The bullet cam, and the LANC remote control I bought from Although so far I have only started three or four hours, but it was quite easy. LANC is a blessing, we can turn the switch on the shoulder as the Backpack "ankletten" and the need for in-and camcorder. The only thing I changed is that I have a 10-fold when Conrad worried battery holder so I can use instead of 1.5 V NiMH Batteries 1.2 V Batteries. For the helmet attachment I have now additionally concerned with an extra-stable hull, but the cost with shipping and VAT. (comparatively) a fortune. As the bear and the HC42, however, which can be seen here:

What I have to complain about: the automatic white balance. He makes me crazy: you ride through an alley and then comes back out, everything changes the color. I have not found a synonymous way, how one can avoid the bullet cam - if it is all about.



Antwort von draculaus:


erstmal thank you for your reports and Tips! I need to "did" say that I have a short hand then decided to get another camcorder. It is a used and probably become an "old" model (SonyPC100E) This is a helmet camera of pacelog been ordered, and I must say it works perfect. Had not thought of that, the quality is so good. Even with rapid change of dark <-> Hell, the set works very well.
The einizige what I have not yet, this Lanc remote control. That means I have to stop and only then turn on and off cam cam stop then go back out and so is very annoying! That will certainly be my next purchase!



Antwort von id073897:

"draculaus" wrote: It is a used and probably become an "old" model (SonyPC100E)

I guess there's no reason, because the performance is Fingercam probably always much lower than the camcorder itself and it will be so degraded to a mere VCR.

If the pictures are okay and you satisfied, then everything in butter ;-)



Antwort von maxl:

hi ben and all other filmer,

synonymous, we have tried almost everything, as you can climb and mountain biking film s.besten. ultimately, we have the two of us brought cameras of blackeye ( which is placed s.einfachsten s.helm synonymous and take back down to. the (put kannste even without a helmet because you can shoot everything:)). The quality of the films and is synonymous ton super. ade e-conrad!

the maxl



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